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Saturday, September 11, 2004


I'm sure Colin is a good name for the father of Bridget Jones.
AAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh. I think I have a headache. It's the thought of having to do homework. I have soooooo much to think about at the mo that I really don't want to have to start a drama presentation this weekend. I don't actually have to but the people I'm working with (not mentioning any names) have already started a part of it and as we're working together I feel that I should start finding out some info too. I also have to learn many lines and I have history to do. Great. Someone told me yesterday that...I shouldn't really say, incase someone like my mother finds brother smokes cannabis. Interesting, I thought. Obviously I told this person that he doesn't but then this person started to get really patronising and he was only in year 10. Am I being paranoid?!
I have an interveiw on Thursday but I'm not worried or anything like that. Maybe I will be by Thursday.
I keep thinking about yesterday. Why, I don't know but it was a dreadful day. I know there are much worse things that could happen than a bad day at school but still! Maybe I'm hormonal. But I'm not!
I want something exciting to happen. It's my birthday soon so maybe (hopefully) that will bring excitement!
I'm also, hopefully, going to send off for an enrolment form for this half day, circus, taster session. It's only £25 and should be quite fun. I'm not giving up on the old vic or anything but I like the circus!
Anyway, I don't think there is much excitment going on at present.
Oh, it's 9/11 today. Oh dear, boo hoo, the shame. I'm not being...arrogant?...or anything but the seige that happen in the school in Russia will probably not be mentioned again and personally I think that it was just as tragic as 9/11 but (obviously) America would not be America without going over the top. I mean, I know it was sad and all that but it happened three years ago they should just leave it now and let the families get over it.
Anyway. I think that's enough of my ramblings for today. I've just worked out that I can only write funny things after I have been in contact with Ondrej (that makes him sound a lot like an alien!).
Anyway. It seems as though hurricane Ivon has hit England (Bristol infact). The rain is raining and the wind's all very dark. Strange weather. It'll be sunny again when we return to school.
Well, my father has returned from his little outing (I'm not sure where he went) so I'd better be off!

Mmmm...donkeys are like onions. They have many layers.
A bit like my hair actually!


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