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Thursday, September 23, 2004


I'm very exicited about Saturday, it being my birthday and all!!! This week is going sooo slowly, smoothly though, suprisingly!!! It's all down to my list (obviously), they're a great invention!
School's hard at the mo. So much to do. Alice and Emily are annoying me in drama, I feel like the third person-but I'm not complaining (really). I've got to write yet another essay in history and write a story for English. I've also got to do psyc. homework tonight.
Anyway, as I said, I'm not complaining.
I am, yet again, getting the feeling that my dad's having an affair. He's on the phone to her all the time now and I'm sure mum doesn't know. He's also being all fatherly and watching Aladdin with us and laughing and joking about. He also keeps stroking Cat, who keeps finding his way into our kitchen (it's almost like he's pregnant-obviously he can't be so next option is affair!)

Enough of that.
I had to try and get 15 4 year olds to make sheep yesterday (about as hard as trying to stop my dad ringing Jacqui-enough). It was very tiring and...demoralising (or something intelligent like that). Basically it was hard work. Only about three of them understood what to do!

Mmmm, I should try and tidy my room now (notice I'm using the word try). It is a very complicated task-almost as hard as getting 4 year olds to create sheep.
Oh, I have a funny story (well, funny for me. Infact it probably isn't funny! But never mind) On Tuesday when I was showing people round school I was asked by someone (who had a Russian accent-no I'm not being racist...again.) where the toilets were. I was about to show him when I realised that he probably wouldn't want to use the girls toilets! I then had a panic and realised (much realising going on) that I didn't know where the boys toilets were!!! Thankfully a teacher told them without me ending up looking like a fool! Tres embarrasing if you ask me!
Anyway, that's enough of my life for today. I'll probably write again on Sunday, after the excitement of my birthday (cos it is exciting!)

The sky is red so it should be sunny tomorrow-you know what they say about sheperds and all that (or is that just me?!)


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