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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mystic fish pie

Guess what...I've been running!! (shock horror, SHOCK HORROR!etc) I ran quite a long way. Mum came too and although she did have to teach me first aid before we went incase she had a heart attack, she ran very far too...even uphill (more shock horror!)
I went shopping today (aswell as running) and bought a dress for our winter ball. It's really nice and black and nice (I hate the word nice).
Oh exciting news...I've finished reading Bridget Jones and am now onto the second book and on March!
Anyway, back to shopping, I decided, whilst driving to shopping place, that when I'm older I want to either be in the police force or, better still, be a firefighter. That means I can do what I want at Uni and still get a job!!! Although, it may be useful if I do something English orientated as, as a backup, I want to work in journalism or for a TV company(Mmmm, contenplating).
More exciting news...I'm learning to drive and my first lesson is on Friday!!! I can't contain my excitement!!! (I need to get a life)
Yeh, so that's my life at the mo. Still nothing too great to tell.
I'm off to eat my tea now, I think my mother is making fish pie (whilst listening to Kate Bush? on the radio!) Eeugh. Sounds...not very nice (there's that word again).
See you soon...
Suprisingly no words of wisdom spring to mind...and I don't want to start sounding too much like Mystic Meg! (was she ever on tele?)


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