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Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's just taken me ages to get onto this website as Matt has messed up the computer again!!!
Anyway, Lynne, the phrase comes from Georgia Nicholson's very humourous confessions-Let's go down the disco dance!!!
I am very angry at the mo and need to let out all the anger: (much swearing is involved so won't swear publically as have a fear of the swear box!) Anger has come (strangly enough) from drama. Although lunchtime did make things kinda happy again-oooooaaarrrhhhh!!!
Oooohh, funny story to tell, I was nearly killed by a low flying firework, no thanks to Ondrej! The instructions on said firework explained that said firework should be placed at least 25 meters away and fully secured to secure structure. However, said firework was placed approx. 5 meters away (seriously) and was placed on unstable surface and attempted to be made secure by two bricks. When said firework exploded it headed in our direction almost killing us and almost setting all other fireworks alight which had been left carelessly in open firework box. Fortunatly there was a shed that we could hide behind. Then Ondrej decides he wants to blow up someones cabbage growing polythene tent. Fortunatly he missed (only just, mind) but the firework landed in someone elses allotment and exploded there instead!
Anyway, enough of funny stories, I have decided I want to go to Australia again, but this time with school, for a charity. Very excited about this thought, as really, really want to go and I have been allowed by parents!!!
I'm going to see Bridget Jones 2 tomorrow and, finally, have finished book so I will not have to rush to finish it!!! I have a very large, and growing, pile of homework to do so it is good I don't have to read as well!!!
Oh, I'm home alone again tonight. Maybe I could do something wild...any ideas? Swap all the cutlery round in the kitchen, run round the house naked (what if someone knocked on the door), tidy my room ready for next friday when at least one person is staying round!!! Mmmm...contemplating. Maybe I'll just watch Eastenders. Ooooo my stomach is rumbling, time for food?!
I haven't been running since Monday, although I'm not forceing myself to run everyday but have eaten a lot today and still feel hungry so feel I should do something!!!
Just did spontaneous swivel on chair-very energetic, almost out of breath!
Mmmm, trying to think of humourous story but can't. Oooo, mum's going to yoga tonight and as far as I know, Carol has not been mentioned!!! The world is good.
Anyway, really must be off now as I have more pressing matters to attend to.-see I could be in school play as posh person (that was posh)-channel the anger.
Au Revoir (or French person)

The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intently.
All art is quite useless.

Oscar Wilde

(also intellectual)


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