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Saturday, September 04, 2004


I haven't written anything on here for about a week! Although, not a lot has happened this week so you haven't missed much!
I went to school and didn't do very much and, so, Iam now decided that Sixth Form could end up being slightly boring! I seem to be in the same classes as the same people and so end up having free time with the same people (slightly tedious, but that's life).
On a more enjoyable note, I went to LA flower show this afternoon (to get away from drama and book reading). That was also quite boring but I was only there for an hour and I walked there so I may have gone slightly browner as the sun was shining!
So yeh, I did much drama and read a little but not much (not even a chapter but I do have the rest of the evening).
Yesterday, the cat from next door was sitting outside our door (like it does regulary) and me and mum had been stroking it etc. and it decided (after we had gone inside) that it wanted to go on an adventure, into our house! It came right in and went for a look around without us even noticing until it came into the front room! My dad then shooded it outside again (very...comical!)
Anyway, so that was that story! There are balloons up outside at the mo and low flying helicopters. Probably because of the kite festival in Ashton Court! They have an inflatable pub up there as far as I know and many other inflatable things and, obviously, kites!
Any how, I can't really be bothered to write much today as nothing too interessting has happened. Oh, except on Thursday, mum went to a first aid training day, with Ondrej (and some other people). They were taught by a man whose name was Alan and who (suprisingly) knew a little bit about first aid! Unfortunatly, he had been in a car accident so his son had to show them what to do and unfortunatly his son smoked, all the time! There family isn't really the kind of family I'd get to teach me a little bit about first aid! I think all my mother has learnt from these courses is to say 'Hello, my name is Alan and I know a little bit about first aid'. If someone came to me and told me that I think I'd be just as scared as if they came up and said they knew nothing about first aid. However, I would be more scared if they came up and told me their name was Colin. Crap name, crap at first aid. Actually, I don't think I could keep a straight face!!!
Mmmm... Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin!!! (hehehehehehe) That's got that out of my system.

You can only make an omlette if you break the eggs.
You must break the eggs to make an omlette.
Omlettes are made from the breaking of eggs. Or something like that!!!


At 8:37 am, Blogger Flin said...

A useless little known Colin fact for you; Bridget Jone's father is called Colin!


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