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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

need to tidy my room, prepare revision, prepare seminars etc etc but am not. tho it is only 10am and i have the whole day!!
have just eaten still feeling quite full from yesterday, which is utterly ridiculous-i think my stomach has actually expanded.
no one has done any washing up-i spend my whole morning yesterday doing all the washing up from the weekend and today i wake up and there is a mass pile of washing up again, just this time none of it is mine-eugh.
i have decided that this evening that i am guna do mass clean of the house and vacuum my room, the living room and the stairs. i am also guna clean the kitchen and finish any washing up that may be in there-with any luck someone may have done some washing up by then but im not holding my breath.
i am firstly guna tidy my desk and then clear my floor as there is paper everywhere in my room-essay remains and books etc. i need to go to the library today to get some books and do some photocopying i may go before my lecture-plan. then later i will go to badminton and do all this cleaning oh and iron my clothes to pack before i go home-wooo three days to go!!!
i think i may read a couple of pages of my text book first-off i go!!!


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