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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i have an exam tomorrow afternoon and think I am full of knowledge regarding the history of American intellects from the beginning of time (1609ish) until 1917!!!
i have been updating my political knowledge recently incase i end up coming across any other debates regarding which side to be on in England. I appear to understand it a little more however i think alcohol is the general key to success on that matter.
i am once again lacking in concern about my exam, feel relaxed, contented, unworried etc etc and might even watch a film before bed. then have a lie in tomoz, mess around on the book of faces then casually stroll over to uni, sit and write for two hours and then get the train back to the homeland!!
in other political related news, Hilary Clinton won New Hampshire today/yesterday which is good as i have been telling possibly the less educated that i think she has a fair chance of winning the presidency so lets hope she keeps making these little comebacks otherwise i will look a bit silly!!
anyway that is all for now may go and watch Rancid as have been meaning to for ages!!


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