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Friday, January 11, 2008

well am at home, getting a tad bored of my 'day of rest'. i am thinking about having a long shower/bath and was going to straighten hair but have realised that my straightners are at uni so will have to go with the natural messy hair look!!!
the train was ridiculously long yesterday, it seemed to take forever just to get to derby!!! i also had an emotional 5 mins (god knows why) and decided i didn't want to come home however i got over this and i am now here and all is fine and dandy!!!
going out tonight, going out tomorrow's like xmas hasn't ended!!!
will be sure to keep you updated on life events!!
i may now go and read more of Belle De Jour, a fantastic book, if a little disturbing but slightly (and concerningly) arousing!!
over and out...


At 4:05 pm, Blogger LP said...

It is so true about Belle!! That girl ;) x


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