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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

it is now nearing mid-february, and i am going home tomorrow for the first time in quite a few weeks :) have everything packed, as far as im aware and have been trying to work out buses to catch to and from uni with all my stuff...hhhmmm i have actually never caught a bus into town from uni before so will have to try and guess which one to get, maybe should write down a few bus times!
ive done quite a lot of work today, about 800 words of my dissertation and some reading which goes to show that i actually can do quite a lot of work in a day if i actually set my mind to it!

im very much looking forward to this weekend, after spending last weekend with dan in nottingham i have missed him everyday since monday and the whole weekend was amazing - am feeling very close to him right now, which is surely a good thing. this may be because real life is getting nearing being at home permenantly, feeling more relaxed in each others company knowing that saying goodbye all the time will be a thing of the past. i think im pondering.
well i should probs attempt to sleep now, have a very very busy day tomorrow, including 3 hours on a train...give me strength. this is always the stressful part about going home....!


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