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Thursday, May 20, 2010

last day of being at i have been on campus buying nail varnish, waxing strips, face pack...and a fun filled day of activities commenced!!
we did davina, had a picnic, did feet washing/scrubing/varnishing, facepacking, sunbathing, waxing, tv watching, dress wearing!! i have also vacuumed, dusted and packed quite a lot of things! and we are going out tonight!
what is scary though is that i am now 100% unemployed :( but never mind, atm i am having fun!
there is no more i can do to my degree to make it any better, but all so far seems fairly alright! my exam went quite well...she says, but will just have to wait a few weeks to find out!
hopefully in that time i may have found a job and will be caught up in various life events!
next event of today is to straighten hair...yay!! i love this pampering thing, well today i do, the feeling of knowing that i dont have to do anything is amazing!but im glad that i have had a busy day, i do get bored really really easily..hhhmm well must get on with life, things to be doing people to be talking to, hair to be organised!!
as y0u can tell, today i am in a happy mood and i like it, very much! xxx


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