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Monday, April 05, 2010

so it is now monday. i mope around and mope around and there is still no definitive answer anywhere in sight. i want dan. there is no doubting that i want dan. i want him with all my heart and not having him is breaking me inside. whether he broke up with me permenantly or not i would be devestated, so 'dragging it out' wont make it any worse. i will still be sad and cry and cry until i feel ill.

i love him so so much and wish that he loved me back. im clinging. im clinging on to the thought that maybe we can still go on holiday which i know looks extremely unlikely but i have to cling on to something that could be positive otherwise i dont know what i would do.

if i had to give up everything else for him i would, and that is no lie.
depressing, i know, but awfully true.


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