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Saturday, June 26, 2010

well i got a 2.1, but me and dan broke up.
feeling hurt, sad, lonely etc etc at the moment but very much trying to not let it get to me like i have done in the past. so far im not doing too badly, there have been a few tears but nothing overly dramatic. part of me is waiting for realisation to set in but until then im just going to roll with it.
i was talking to lynne the other day and we decided that the best way to get over someone was to sleep with another man...she seems to want me to do this sooner rather than later. i on the other hand am not feeling so prepared for such an activity. but at some point im sure it will happen and everything will, eventually, be ok.
for now i must just go on as usual with life and attempt at getting over before (once again) getting under (ooer).

anyway, i may go out tomorrow, seeing as i have seen no-one all weekend. at some point the world has to be faced and as far as im aware he will not actually be there tomorrow...which can only be very good.

that is all for now,

over and out.


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