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Monday, July 26, 2010

casual sex...


It is now almost August, wow time flies. anyways, i was thinking that the last time i was without bf i wrote about it a lot on this paticular site and so i have decided to once again transfer my feelings from brain to blog and write about 'the single life' once again.

ok ok, so the real reason is because of a question that was asked of me last night when i went round to his house to 'be friends'. Being friends is a great idea, don't get me wrong, in fact i t is a brilliant idea, definitely one i am actively pursuing. however, there is still sex and there still will be sex. Which is where me writing on this blog really comes from...

'can we have casual sex?' and while the inside of me is screaming 'oh god, yes please, i have been waiting for you to ask me this question', a part of me was thinking, a. this may not be the best idea and b. DO NOT look like you are desperate...
but we had casual sex. and since then (i.e. today) i have been wondering what is the etiquette for 'casual sex'?

first and foremostly, we are friends. end of story. or rather, i want to be friends, hey we both want to be friends..that is really important. yet we also want sex. yes, i would like the attachment and the commitment and all the rest of it but i am fully aware that no matter how badly you want something it will not always be there for you to have. so until i can have that again (hopefully not too far into the hoping for within the next year as a practical estimate) i am perfectly happy just to have sex. yes, i like what.
so the etiquette...
1. i do not want to look like i am on the edge of a breakdown for want of a sexual experience, therefore i cannot ask for it every time i see him/ every time i text him/whenever i want it (i.e. most of the time) there needs to be reason to not have sex.
2. reason to not have a public area, with friends who quite frankly disagree with things that are not 'above board' and have very little sense of adventure or sexual appetite
3. remember that we are friends. sex is just an added extra. we are not there to make babies...

we are both human, and humans are made to procreate, or at least practice for the big day, so what is the problem.

im not upset, i am not angry, im just being me, which is, in my opinion, the most constructive thing i could be. there is no problem, we both agree with it and until one of us decides enough is enough, there will be nothing to cry about.
and i believe that is all i have to say :)



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