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Sunday, August 19, 2012

So, I figured I was lacking on the writing the blog front so here I am again, ready and willing to waffle on about life....

I went to a street party last night, amazingly fun times! I do believe there should be more street party events in the clevedon area. There was drinking and music and food and more drinking...the music was questionable but it definitely added to the folksey feel of the evening!

The parents have been to Sheffield today, they are not back yet. In fact, they have not contacted me at all which is a bit bizarre on their part but heyho, I'm sure they are fine.
The sun is shining and I have been reading panto stuff and work stuff...preparing myself for the week busy week so it seems.

S is on holiday, in Croatia. He has however taken to texting me about once a day, which is actually quite nice, I have actually responded, which is good of me. He wants to see me on Wednesday, unfortunately I am working all day until about 10pm, however he says he is still willing to come and say hi before I go home...we will see.

I really don't think I have a great deal to write about at the moment...nothing of any great excitment has happened, I am generally far to busy with life to involve myself in 'hot gossip' as well. I must now go and carry the vacuum down three flights of stairs...could be interesting.

Speak soon, hopefully with a slightly more interesting blog!



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