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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The London Olympics has begun! I have been watching the swimming and the gymnastics, I do enjoy watching the sporting events!
The parents have been away since Wednesday, in Spain, where it is hot and lovely and all else. It has been hot here actually, until today. Today it rained, in quite a big way...bad times.

What with the above rambling you must be able to tell that I am exceptionally tired. I have been getting up very very early all week to go to work, and tomorrow will, again, be unrelentless.

I went to Ray's wake on Friday. All very nice, food, alcohol, singing, being persuaded into working for longer on Saturday :( It was again a weird death experience. ooo and the famous woman was there...very exciting - a tad starstruck(ish).

I have just started watching a programme about 50 shades of grey (the fastest selling paperback of all time in the UK)...personally I didn't think it was all that amazing. Apparently people like to read it if they aren't 'getting any' so to speak. I'm personally not a fan of the spanking paddle, or anal fisting...but who am I to argue against the rest of the country. I got bored actually. Maybe my life is more exciting...hahaha...not.

Not much to tell on the man front. Rugby playing Dr man has (sort of) asked me out a couple of times now, which I've declined. I'm undecided if I was right in doing this...he may well have turned out to be my Christian Grey...doubtful. thankfully.

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