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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am coming to the end of my first whole weekend off in a long time. Ok weekend all in all, but it has had its hiccups :s
we will start with the obligatory 'man news'. C is in London and has been for a few days and will be for another week I believe which is perfectly fine by me. I think he is starting to get a tad boring and a little on the clingy side which I can't be dealing with. He started asking whether all was well as I hadn't text him as much as normal...bearing in mind I believe I have text him everyday, I thought this was a bit ridiculous.
Umm went to visit 'guy from work' on thurs. Had really good evening, did not get bored, would quite happily have stayed if I hadn't had work so very early. Actually quite want to see him in this context again. I find it very strange to actually want to see someone again, I haven't had this sort of feeling for a long time. However, he is not the guy that I am searching for and he is moving away soon so I must hop off that particular bus before I get too far down the road and realise it is a hell of a long walk back.
so anyway, will move on to this weekend. Went out last night into Bristol for the first time in a long time. Was very entertaining and as far as I know much fun was had by all. It did rain a lot though and it wasn't very warm considering it is June :(
Went to Portishead friday. Also very good night despite my initial thoughts on actually going out at all...didn't really want to end up feeling awkward. I guess it was alright as Dan left the flat for basically the whole time I was there. Would be nice to be acknowledged but you know, we can't have it all.

in other news, SJH nearly died in a car fire, one of the old people I go and see almost died on me earlier in the week (guy from work did come and help me though and suppressed my little meltdown, which was nice). Also, my brother told Keira he was going to kill himself with a rope if she didn't go back to live with him. So I had to put up with my mother have a major crisis while my dad drove to his house to check there had been no suicide life is actually like a soap opera, bloody hell.


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