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Sunday, June 17, 2012

an update in the life of internet dating. I have discovered that by my current law of averages I will end up meeting people who are 1/3 likely to be a bit on the strange side.
Went out with C yesterday to Wells. All very nice and lovely, we wandered round and then had lunch and then returned. I then prepared myself for a date with 'N' in Bristol. Met up with N. Bit on the strange side I would say. I did stay out a good two hours with the guy though so I guess I should be given points for niceness. I then made my excuses with the help of lynne (largely) who pretended to have died on behalf of my failing friendly soul. I didn't actually tell 'N' that one of my friends had expired, rather that I had many things to do on my journey home.
My things to do ended up being meeting 'guy from work', in Long Ashton for a drink. so all in all, a day of male entertainment but nothing all that exciting. When will something worthwhile ever actually turn up :( ?! x


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