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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So we have had the conversation...the 'are we together' conversation. Well, it was not so much a conversation, more of a text message or very romantic! As he said, if we are not together then the next time we meet will equate to date number 1073; i did not want to enlighten him on the fact that this would not be unusual for me :s
Anyway, so we decided to 'be in a relationship', we contemplated making it public knowledge, you know how people do these days...facebook, twitter, the bbc news website, however I think a blog will suffice for the time being!
In other news it is dark, cold and raining...i am feeling hard done by, I distinctly remember ordering a summer this year.
Well, I must go and watch more of downton abbey, I am halfway through the first series, I may have to purchase the second series despite already having watched it on the television...I've changed. I think all this romance has gone to my head.

Over and out.


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