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Friday, August 13, 2004


The fiesta was fun. Me and Lynne saw many bands and people.
We saw Rachel Stevens, Big Brovaz, Girls Aloud, Sugababes and many others! Oh, and Peter Andre (very exciting.)
There were thousands of people (really, there were) and when we were stood very near to the front and looked back there was just a sea of people for millions of miles!
Me and mum have pickled more beetroot this morning and there's still more to go. We could feed all the people at Ashton Court for the whole weekend!
My fingers are all purple now.
My dad's just got back from ASDA and no, he doesn't live there! He was doing 'the weekly shopping', it has taken him about two hours though but there you are.
My parents have decided to go to Yorkshire or somewhere next week. I don't think they realise that if we're getting rain here then it must be pretty bad up there. They want to go walking, up a hill. Don't ask why. They are a bit odd. My mum said 'oh you should come Jess, we won't be walking far'
'How far?'
'Only 5ish miles'
Up a hill, she must be joking. Hills in that part of the world are more like mountains.
Talking off mountains, the Olympics start this weekend (I think). You have to be very olympic to be able to walk up those hills.
Oh, exciting news...I've finished my book!!! It's only taken me about a month. It was sooo boring (as I've said before) and I've got to read another one that looks even more boring! Great.
Anyway...I'll leave you with...a question. Ummm why is the world round?

So we don't walk off the end.


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