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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I went swimming today for the first time in ages! Shock, horror.
I went with Lynne and we swum around (obviously).
There were many people swimming as the floats were out. So we played on the floats and swam and attempted diving and tried a bit of synchronised swimming too.
the Tomans are back in the country. Mum went to collect them from the airport today. Actually, I think Jacqui collected them, (she was at my house at the wrong time) poor her.
Me, Lynne, Anna, mum, dad and probably Jacqui are going to dad's school tomorrow to play on the trampoline. Could be humourous!
Oh, Anna's decided to have a party next thursday while her familie's away for when we get our results back. Could also be tres humourous. Aaaaarrrr next thursday (just getting it out of my system!)
I don't think I have anything funny to tell, oh, except we seem to have adopted an odd cat from next door. It almost came in our house today. Mmmm, that's not really funny. Especially not for me as I don't even like the things!

I'm going to watch Eastenders now so I'll write next time!


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