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Monday, August 23, 2004

A colossal foot

I have only have one monday left before I go back to school. Oh No!!!
I had better start reading these books a little faster!
I had fun yesterday at this house. My mother was beside herself because all of the ceilings had been painted with extremely extravagant pictures and all she wanted to do was to get out some white paint and paint them all. My dad complained about the price and said that the last time he went there (in the dark ages) he only had to pay a couple of quid, the parking was free and there were only five people there. But, as I told him, this house is in the middle of no-where and back then it would have been a lot harder to get there (he wasn't amused).
There was this strange thing in the house called 'the colossal foot' which was, suprisingly, a very large foot. I found it odd. Apparently there is a fake foot in Greece, or somewhere, (God knows why anyone would want to make a fake) and the only way you can tell the difference is because it's the wrong foot (it's left instead of right or something), so yeh, that was odd!

Anyway, life is good. Apart from Thursday. I think I have been waiting far too long for Thursday, it seems to have taken over, I mean all it's going to be is a bit of paper with a few letters on it (hopefully A's B's or C's) and then a party afterwards. I guess it can change your life (not quite that drastic, but still) but you're still going to wake up the next day whether you got A's or U's.
Anyway, that was my words of wisdom for the day!
Oh, I have a complaint. Paula Radcliffe, in the running, what a waste of space. She only has three miles left to go and she drops out, pathetic. I don't mean to sound harsh or anything but THREE MILES! It's her job to run it. She would have probably got more credit for actually finishing than dropping out. Just because she wasn't going to win a medal. What message is that for 'the children of today'- 'if you're not going to win don't bother'? that's ridiculous.
Well, that was my ramble (as I've said before-not a wellie walking ramble'.)
I am going to town tomorrow and it seems that the majority of my family are going to be coming too! After (I must add) going to a farmers market. This whole obsession with things that are green and vegatable looking is seriously getting annoying. I'm am beginning to act like a farmer-not fun-I've got a brand new combine harvester (I haven't really-I was acting like a farmer) Mmmm...the worzels, not for me.
Anyway, I'm going off to watch Eastenders now. Oh, and incase she reads this-I had fun at Holly's today! (hehe)
Jess's words of wisdom...If you are watching balloons fly overhead, don't watch them whilst walking backwards on your garden wall (ouch)!


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