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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Aaaarrrhhh, results tomorrow!!!
Never mind.
We all go back to school soon. Yey! Although, as I found out yesterday, I don't have any lessons until the monday! So that's good.
Oooo, I have sent off for a job application at LA library (have I told you this before?) I will get £5.47 (or something) an hour and I only have to work for three hours a week. GREAT!
So it would be good if I could work there. Fingers crossed.
La-di-la, the little boy next door is being very odd today. He keeps taking a pack of 12 kitchen towels for a walk around the garden (obviously he is fed up with the dog). He almost fell down the steps as they were too big for him to carry (the kitchen towels, not the steps)! Very amusing!
I went to this very odd meeting last night. I'm not entirely sure what it was about. We all had to introduce ourselves and tell them why we were there. Well, I wasn't entirely sure why I was there so, obviously, I told them this and they thought I was being funny. I actually wasn't, so I'm still not sure why we were there. We were there for long enough though (about 2 and a half hours!).
Anyway, they're thinking about having another meeting! Hah.
I'm reading a Blue Peter annual today, while I'm writing (this is what comes of having a computer by a book shelf). I think I got it in Dec. 99, for christmas, but one can not be sure.
I'm seeing if it will give me any writing inspiration (no such luck so far).
Talking of books, I still haven't finished this play that I have to read. I only have about 20 pages left but I seem to have started reading a different book that I got from the library but I have promised myself I will finish the play today (promise, promise).
My mother is going to an extra yoga class today (why?) and she wants me to help her make a cake this afternoon (doesn't she realise that my idea of helping only involves licking the bowl out afterwards!) for when my Gma and Gdad come over this afternoon. She also wants me to tidy my room and vacuum (spellings!) the floor and dust (dust?) I don't have this many hands you know!
It's my dad's birthday on saturday. We were going to buy him a chocolate dispenser (but we didn't). Oh, my dad has also decided that America might be too expensive in July and August so his next plan is to get a campervan and take it to France and then take it round Europe to places like Italy and Greece and stuff. Could be fun!
Anyway, this is only an idea (which no-one talks about). My plan is to lay low until christmas (or so) and then start up again about holidays.
Oh dear, my brother's still in bed and it's almost lunch time!
Anyway, I think I will go now. I have started to right more and more every time I come on the website, it's bad for my fingers (typing all the time)!
So I'll leave it at that. I'll write tomorrow (or the next day) to tell you my results (if they're good).
Good Luck to everyone who is expecting results tomorrow. You'll all be great.


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