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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Fan Club

How Cool! I have a fan. Maybe I should start a fan club! How strange, I now feel as though I should think of what to write before I write it!
Anyway. The advice about love...I don't mind strange things. Infact, I'm all up for strange things! (hehe). 'Oh Eros, lend me your arrow', that's how I feel! (I made that up (really)).
No, I don't feel quite that desperate.
At the mo I'm more worried about my exam results. I had a slight panickness this morning and last night (I couldn't get to sleep). It should all be fine. I am now (strangely) worried about drama. My drama teacher did not seem very hopeful with what I might get, although, she was still willing to take me on, in her class, next year. I am also worried that I won't get a C in science. Me and science should not be used in the same sentance (that's how bad it is). It's sooo bad that in the chemistry exam I think I made up every answer. God knows why I was put in a higher set!
Anyway, I can't 'turn back the clock (as they say) now.
Great Britain are doing ok in the Olympics (keeping my father happy). Although, one American has won more gold medals than the whole of Great Britain put together. But, obviously, they have more people to choose from to run their races. Unfortunatly (as I found out) we are getting thrown their cast offs. One guy who runs for GB is only running for us because he couldn't get any furthur than the trials in the USA! Dreadful!
Oh well, I shouldn't get too upset about sport for a start it is pathetic and secondly I have more important things to worry about (results).
I got my mother three more books from the library today about Tai C'hi and Shiatsu. She know wants to try out Shiatsu methods on the rest of my family. (for those of you who don't know what it is, the more complex stuff involves walking up and down peoples backs!).
Anyway. My tea is now ready. So I'll be seeing you!

You always find gold at the end of a rainbow. (if you're lucky!(or a leprichaun))


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