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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Monday, August 30, 2004


I am glad people are taking an interest in my ramblings however I would appreciate it if my little pieces of 'art work' were not referred to as ramblings as this makes them sound boring when they clearly aren't boring as people are (supposedly) reading them. (I can be hurt you know!)
Yesterday, I was woken up in the early hours of the morning (8:30) to a lot of hammering and drilling coming from next door. I felt as though I had accidently fallen asleep on a building site (which, actually, was not far from the truth). The 'neighbours' have practically destroyed their kitchen but why they were doing it so early I'll never know!
Anyway, my dad got all grumpy (it's his old age) and went on about it being uncivalised and selfish. I thought he might go round there and start up a fight (no such luck).
I cleared out my whole bedroom yesterday. Really, I did! I even used the vacuum cleaner. I have decided that when I get a house of my own there will be no need to use a duster or anything like that as a vacuum does all the work! As well as vacuuming the floor I did my dancemat, my shelves, the stuff on my shelves and my bed (and my mum's foot-hehe)!
Oh, I'm very upset at the mo. My insignificant E (for IT) is getting me down. I think it has decided to haunt me. It will be with me a growth (or something) mmmm...maybe not. I think maybe people will turn me down at jobs that mean I might need to use a computer (that's half the world's jobs gone then) and I will never get a job!
Oh well, I don't mind too much.
On a more funny note, the Ondrej's went canoeing down a river, yesterday (I think). He probably did some fishing too. I think they went to Wales.
Anyway. I off to my Gma's now to have lunch. I will probably ride my bike there as the sun has just come out.
I was going to leave you with a riddle that I found in this book but I seem to have mislaid the book so I can't do that.

Smile and the world will smile with you (unless you smile in an odd way, then the world might just look at you oddly (Lynne))!


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