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Friday, August 27, 2004

I'm so happy!!!

I have my results! I got 4 A's, 7 B's and an inconspicuous E for ICT which no-one talks about! I am very pleased especially because of what I got for textiles (A) and science (BB). I was only predicted C's in both of these! Obviously I must be very clever! All my friends did very well too!

I filled in an application form for the library today and it was weird fillling in my 'qualifications'!
I've also got a driving license application form to fill in! How exciting!
Yesterday was fun. I went to a party last night (to celebrate) and the police were being called by 10:30 because we were disturbing the peace and had broken someone's window! It was quite scary at the time but now I'm finding it tres amusant (that's the B I got for french coming out!)
Anyway my mother is at Jacqui's at the mo putting up some shelves. She rang dad up before asking whether it was safe to drill through a particular wall as she didn't know if there was a pipe in it or not (God help us!) I'm glad I'm not there, sounds like a bit of a health hazard.
I went to the library in Bristol today and got out two more books. One being Bridget Jones' Diary (for inspiration-not really, I've seen the film!).
It's dad's birthday tomorrow but he's opened a presant and some cards already. We have to go out to some other party though so we may have to have cake another day!
Ondrej came over this morning to harass my mother. He seemed extremely interested in this walking stick that we have. I'll say no more!
Anyway, I'm going to go and read a book now. This was only meant to be short!


At 9:13 am, Blogger Flin said...

Hello good morning! i am finding the whole affair very amusing now aswell, i am however really annoyed at dave and will NOT be chipping in for the window, also we were not actually disturbing the peace, there was none to be disturbed!! OOO I'm not talking to you in an English kind of way because Paula Radcliffe is great she tried her hardest and thats all you can ask of her. Hmmmmmm Little miss Helium thinks Anna is staying over at hers tonight; that could be tres amusing!!! i shall say no more. Im guna b 16 soon, so is it a congrats on being gr8 card or a happy burpday card??? Hmmmm...... Love the natterings by the way.


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