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Monday, February 22, 2010

monday monday monday....and it is cold. we have had the heating pretty much off for the past week and it has most certainly been cold. It snowed again on Saturday, but today I finally spoke out and made Megan allow me to change the heating...everyone else is obviously too afraid of making an enemy/causing a fuss etc etc but at least we can now be warm again!

i had a revelation the other day. I was sat in a lecture, I believe it was about American foreign policy and their security systems, and it struck me that in real life I will probably never need to know this. Before now I have always believed in education for the fun of taking part in education but it has got to the stage where I am struggling to see the point. I very much feel like I need to get out of here and do something else with my life. I have come to the end of the education road and it is now time to move on...suddenly the 'grown up' world feels more appealing. I don't believe I have thought such things before, or at least not so strongly.
I think due to recent conversations and events, that still play on my mind, I have been more tied to the idea of reliance on familiarity rather than stepping into the unknown. However, the more I contemplate the idea of a life of my own, the more I want to start it now. The only problem I have is that I'm desparate for life to take the path I want it to, and I often imagine that somewhere along the line my dreams of 'the future' do not turn out how I hope them to. I sometimes wish I could walk the path my life will take and discover where it ends, but this would be impossible. Instead I must try and rid myself of concern, appreciate mystery and wait for life to start.
And there ended the revelation.



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