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Friday, August 20, 2004

A Greek Myth

Oh to be wanted, how shallow!
This means no-one has to waste their money on presants anymore!
I am glad I am still a star to some people, though I never doubted for a minute that I wasn't!
While I am writnig this I am reading a book on Greek myths. Very interesting and appropriate for the olympics. I have read about Orpheus, Atlas, Hera and Eros (could do with some help from him!)
I have another burguling story to tell.
I was downstairs, playing the piano and singing along (as you do) when suddenly I heard noises in the kitchen so I went to see what it was and it was Ondrej looking for some keys as he couldn't get in (he's as bad as James). I gave him some keys. Then later on when I was upstairs I heard more noises in the kitchen, so I went down and it was Ondrej again. Returning the keys!
Don't they knock on doors in Slovakia, or wherever he comes from? I mean, if I had thought he was a burgular, I could have gone downstairs with a baseball bat (if I had one) and hit him over the head with it!
Mmmm...that's a plan. No. Cruelty to foreiners is not allowed. Only joking (really)
Well, I may be going to Derbyshire? on sunday? If the weather holds off. To look at a house. Not to buy. It's one of those old houses. I like looking at old houses, makes me feel intelligent! It's instead of climbing up hills (mountains) so I'm up for it.
Anyway, I have no more stories to tell.
'Hoorah' you say

A field of eternal happiness has to be very exciting. (I think I have been reading too many Greek Myths!)


At 8:04 pm, Blogger Flin said...

Lynne again! You have a fan J; its my mum. She finds reading your blogs very entertaining so as she is now partial to reading what you say, mind what you say about me! Ta xxx Anyway I shall leave you with a thought, love does strange things to people!!


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