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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Today was very funny. Most of it was spent doing exercise at dads school, on the trampoline. We are soooo good at the trampoline that we even created a new move, 'the busted'. Which is very complex and difficult and should only be attempted by professionals. Okay, so it wasn't quite that hard but I think it should be brought into Olympic trampolining!
Oh the Olympics. My father is obsessed. He will watch anything, including boring horse riding, boring boxing and badminton. I, however, only watch the Olympics for a select few athetical events, gymnastics and synchronised diving. Trampolining should also be quite fun to watch to see if they do the new 'busted move'. Dad says he will introduce it into his P.E lessons!
Anyway, I'm going to have a nice relaxing day tomorrow after a slight disappointment this morning-I was unaccepted for BOV but never mind, I can (no, will) try again next year. I knew I hadn't done my best. Maybe next time I will employ some specialist help. Possibly not from Ondrej but then I can sue (or something) if I don't get accepted!
Maybe I'll have gotten this whole acting idea out of my head by then, maybe I just want to be good at something, (how sad).
Mmm, my chair is squeaky. I thought it was uncomfortable but I think that was just psycological!
What can I do for my birthday? Any suggestions will be looked at.
There was also something else I think I needed to organise but I can't remember what that was.
At least, I think there was something.
Oh dear, I have just re-read what I have written. It is not very interesting. I'm sure my life used to be more fun. As I told Lynne, I believe I have lost my flow. It must have flowed away.
Oooo, I'm holding a stand against a certain person who purposly didn't invite Lynne to her party. I don't think anyone else knows about this stand and I'm certain the person I'm holding it against doesn't, so, I don't think there is a lot of point in holding it. However, because my stand involves not going to her party it means that I don't have to buy her a present so that means that I will remain with the same amount of cash as I do at present and she will be one present shorter than she is at present. (many presents in that sentance).
Anyway, that has shrivelled my brain enough for today. I may now go and eat a jam sandwich.

If you see a penny pick it up-you will soon be a penny richer than you were before


At 6:38 pm, Blogger Flin said...

hey its Lynne. Just to bring it too your attention, its not this certain persons birthday, they are just having a party to feel wanted!!! O and I'm very sorry and upset that u didnt get into BOV, its sad, but hey your still a star to us!!!


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