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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Sunday, October 29, 2006

i am starting to think that due to my lack of sanity i am slowly losing my grip on reality...i believe my text books may start fighting back if i keep having to read and read and read them.when will the time come when i have a day in which i have nothing to do??xxx

Friday, October 27, 2006

it's almost the end of october...its basically winter and its freezing outside.i also have two essays to be written by next thurs...6 days time so i don't know why i am insisting on wasting my time on here. when did it suddenly become so hard to write a simple essay...??i believe i am below uni standards cos i rely haven't got a clue about what to do. hmmm well i supose i should go..have got several hours til dinner...about 4 or so infact...lets see how much work i can get done in that time!!i shalt report back when that time comes!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

heylo!!i am back to the land of procrastination...after so many months off!!!i am supposed to be typing up lecture notes for hist, reading my hist text book and some other hist stuff off the internet and reading some of my film text book!!!o dear..tis tres mal!!i have been doing work allll day and it's highly depressing tho im sure i will feel a whole lot better for it by this evening and have (hopefully) almost finished all of it!!!
i dont have any exciting news cleaner is ill (v sad) so i had a different cleaner emptying my bin. Hopefully my cleaner will be well again tomorrow cos she's supposed to clean my room!!!never mind, i'l still tidy some stuff up incase she comes!!
hhmm...i've still got several hours til's really sad that my life atm seems to revolve around the all important social event of eating!!and it is also very sad that we can make our meals last up to an hour and a half just so that we don't have to go back to working!!hmmm wonder what's happening tonight?hopefully nothing too energetic or expensive (maybe another night in the bar!!)
well anyways...had better get bak to doing something constructive (As always!!)
love me

Sunday, October 15, 2006

i am quite literally wearing a blanket. y is that??i do believe i am going through an odd moment. i am also about to watch the new series of desperate housewives in a minute...y is tht???i dont watch desperate housewives, infact i dont really watch tv. i also ate a roast potato tonite...i hate roast potatoes. wel i suppose desperate times..!!!
-the downfalls of student life

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

omg the computer is being very very slow today!!!it could be the rain or something getting into the system!!!eugh im bored..i really have to read my book and i should be worried about the fact that i have loads to read and not much time to read it!!!i mite be going out to isis tonight as well so i will have even less time!!!
ive just taken part in a psychology experiment this afternoon...was fun!!!i had to drive in a driving simulator with an eye tracker attatched to my head..i did get paid £15 for doing it tho (easy money) and it probs helped with my driving in the long run!!
omg i have to do some work..i also have to do some more washing tonight cos even tho i did finally get round to doing wshing the other day, i only did dark clothes so atm dont have much underwear left (im sure you wanted to know that!)
hmm....i think im missing homely things such as my bedroom (even tho tis no longer mine) cat from next door, randomly singing and dancing around my house when there's no one there and possibly even allotment related things (which is weird as i do seem to spend a lot of my time complaining about the allotment and its produce!!!)
well...i must get back to reading, tho have started listening to music now and i can't read and listen at the same time (multi tasking is not one of my strong points!)
.......i need to do something that im used to (i no that sounds weird) i feel like i've just been on holiday for a few weeks and now it's time to go home but i know i can't go home and eugh i dunno!!!
right i must READ!!!
i shalt write again soon...i seem to have got into writing again (which is nice)

Monday, October 09, 2006


eugh i need to go and do my washing..but really can't be bothered. unfortunatly i have discovered that no matter how many times i say 'i need to wash my clothes' they are not going to wash themselves...y is that??
o wel i suppose i'l have to go and find the laundry (no i dont no where it is)!!
and then i have to do some reading...omg i also have to phone grandma...oooo so much to do before 3pm and so little time to do it..heyho i suppose that's student life for you!!maybe i should stop wasting my time writing crap on this thing. Who invented blogs anyways??i partly want to slap them for helping me waste so many precious hours of my life..however, if i didn't have a blog what would i do in my moments of boredom??and what would happen to my creativity??it would slowly disappear into oblivion. anyways..must go and wash clothes
speak soon!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

i havn't written anything on here for two weeks so i thought maybe i should!!!
wel, im at uni finally!!!and so far it's been...eventful. quite a lot of stuff has happened in the past two weeks, i won't go into all of it tho, i wouldn't want to bore you!!!i have made a few friends since being here (but obv they do not come close to old friends who still mean a hell of a lot!!!) i laughed, cried, partied, drank and generally had a fantastic time and it feels like i've been here a lot longer than just two weeks!!! There's some weird music playing down my corridor atm...sounds a bit like westlife or similar!!!!very odd, there are some very strange people around!!
i just read ur comment lynne, about weird wednesday...i didn't mean to make you cry, i just had a moment of sentimentality and felt that i needed to write down some of our odd antics!!

eugh, im supposed to be doing some work atm. making notes etc..but so far it's not really happening. I have however done my reading for this week so at least that's a step in the right direction. i need to make notes on this said book and then have to read some stuff for film. eugh working is hard...i hvnt had to think for such a long time!!i miss th freedom of the summer...i often said during the summer that i should make the most of it while i could cos i'l never have such pure freedom again!!and it's so true...sumtimes i wish i had carried out more spontaneous activity but heyho..what can i do about it now. the summer was actually fantastic anyway..i've never had so much fun before ever. all the clubbing, partying, infact reminds me of freshers week!!!
hhmm anyway, i suppose i shalt get back to doing something constructive...i have just had a worrying thought...i have just spent the last ten minutes writing this and it is a fairly long piece of writing...i wil now go and try and write sumtin that im supposed to be writin and it'l take me half an hour to write about half of what i've just writtn now!!!
o well never mind what can one do bout that?!!
shalt speakth soonth..maybe by then i will be over being sentimental and will write something interesting!!!
bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx