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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Monday, March 31, 2008

Kelly Clarkson was amazing, really enojoyed said concert!!!
i am currently procrastinating but need to finish Malcolm X and then pick a course to take next year...eugh!!!
went out on Friday - relatively eventful as always attempted 'friendliness' with Emma (Dan's ex) but I soon got annoyed at that. Apparently we were 'fighting for his attention' - um maybe not, I am not desperate. he went all emotional on me..bloody hell...MEN!!!
anyway that is all, need to do work and stop talking to Anna!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

well that was an eventful weekend (what do i expect..i am in the homelands afterall)
went out on friday and didn't drink but it was highly entertaining and much fun and involved dancing and hyperactivity!!! howeevr, i did have the joy of meeting Emma (Dan's ex) which was interesting. 'annoying' is a good word to use when descibing her - and i dont think i am being bias about this as many people feel the same. saturday was good...went to Jeweller's bday thing and actually drank. it was really funny. we played the dreaded game of 'i have never' (hate that game) but it wasn't too bad. Dan was being flirty flirty (after Emma had left) and i think i was all up for sexy time, which was fine and everything. unfortunatly sexytime occured without any baby prevention mechanism (bad bad bad) but it should be ok, im hoping, (i did have crap sex ed at school but that is not the point) yup all shalt be grand.
anyway, sunday came and i went to dans to have repeat sexytime however it was not good and i told him that our 'sexytime' is screwing up my head and therefore should no longer happen. he hadn't thought of this and then spent the whole day telling me that he is an idiot (in my view he is not an idiot but a typical male). in many ways this is all good, i should be glad i will no longer have to think about things in great detail when it comes to me and him as WE ARE OVER. despite this something inside me wishes that we weren't. my mind still needs resolving but at least i can be content in the fact i am not a fuck buddy (thankful for small mercies) but i am not content in the fact that i can't anticipate sexytime anymore.
but now that i have gone through all that lets just hope nothing untoward happens and forces me out of remission.
i believe that is all for now as im meant to be finishing my essay. only 150 words to go....surely it cannot be that hard.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

well i have been to Cardiff and Propaganda...i am now very very tired.
i also had chinese for tea with the parents....yum yum yum!!! eugh should Jess drink tomorrow or should she not, that is the question. if i do then i would have to stay in clevedon which is more trouble than it is worth. hhmm may go with the intention of not drinking and see how the evening evolves and whether i feel the need (which is more than likely as i can see the day turning into a small trauma fest on its own.
eugh life is gay....i believe i need to a man to keep me entertained (or something that could come with a male's 'intuition'). it would generally solve a lot of lifes problems!!!xxx

Thursday, March 13, 2008

oh my house is a war zone. Rachael's boyfriend was here...they have had a mass row about her committment there are tears and all sorts and now i am scared to leave my room. he has given her some sort of ultimatum...he is sitting in his car for five mins and the choice is hers...or something. i didn't quite catch the majority of the argument.
nehoo...Kelly got escorted out of Isis by paramedics last night...bloody hell...
student life is getting complicated, highly glad im going home tomorrow!!! yay!! xxxxxx

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

omfg....spirits have gone up by 55p...bloody government budgets, how do they suppose students are meant to cope now? student debt is bound to increase, which is ridiculous. people are also saying that we don't shop enough and therefore, we dont spend enough let me ask why the hell do they think that is??? oh maybe because everything is sooooo expensive. seriously i have a good mind to live off crap food (which is cheapest) and cider (which is pos the cheapest alcoholic drink going atm), then i will be carted off to hospital with some vitimin deficiency or diabetes from my mass sugar intake and oh, lo and behold, who will be paying for my treatment...the government. they will then complain there is not enough money going into the NHS and so tax will once again increase and then we will be back to square one.
really the government is rather stupid. they extend drinking hours, complain there are too many binge drinkers and then increase the price of drinks. this will not help the binge drinkers or the economy. the binge drinkers will stop when the drug of alcohol is made illegal (or they will be imprisoned) or drinking hours are dramatically cut. Alcopops should be banned as they are no use to anyone and government budgets should attack cigarettes with more force than 11p. the fewer binge drinkers, the fewer people utilising NHS facilities and the fewer people doing this means that government spending can go towards something more productive such as decreasing the price of essential foods. this way i believe the whole world would be a better place.
Now i just have to solve third world poverty...but this can happen on a day when I don't have other things to do.
thank you

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

well im about to release controversy....
have just purchased (along with lynne) tickets to see kelly clarkson on the same day as a DNA gig...oooer
BUT it does mean i get a mini-break in Cardiff therefore i believe it to be justified!!! hhmmm i do feel a bit bad tho (just to clarify) but i am not 'hire a fan' and have been to i think every gig so far so im being fair!!
in unrelated going home on friday!!! yay!! but i have a heck of a lot of work to do - my 'to do' list is excessively long but it does mean i can see all the lovely friends again!!! im really looking forward to it actually, even about being made to go to the zoo (daniel's random drunken idea - long story to do with the fact i don't talk to him enough (or something))
anyway, currently getting annoyed at the housemates (no suprise) and generally don't want to be here anymore. i have also been told i need to create a dissertation title over the holidays...yay. i have no idea what i want to write a dissertation on eughph..such a hardship. i also have to write to redwood lodge and get them to give me my job back for two months in the summer, which is annoying cos i am not a great fan of the job but heyho, money is money.
i think that is about all i have to report is generally lifeless - reading like a crazy reading thing (several hundred pages a day) ooo i started drinking coffee today for the first time...covering up the nasty taste with piles of sugar (im wide awake atm and my lst cup was 3 and a half hours ago, so at least it has the desired effect).
well i guess that actually is all...looking forward to the holidays with more ambition than anything else. although it does mean that my second year of uni is almost over...unnerving to say the least.
rite that will do...don't intend to bore...may watch some tv and then sleep as have to see the nurse at 9.30 (eugh why did i choose that time?)

Friday, March 07, 2008

well here i am. all ready to enlighten your little mind with wonderous and intelligent things!!!
............................part of me thinks thatthis is not going to happen anytime soon. unfortunatly i need the toilet and someone has been in the bathroom for about half an hour (i don't think i should have drank my pint of squash so quickly). i'm excessively tired as of late, god knows why, maybe my highly unhealthy diet which is currently consisting of egg...purely because i realised yesterday i have 6 eggs to eat in 24 hours; i am, at present, trying to work out how to boil an egg.
anyway, intelligence...something that is greatly needed (along with a toilet, although not for the same reasons) as it should hopefully inspire me to do some essay work or similar. eugh there really is nothing to talk about. oooo i know, i am not allowed to drink vast quantities of alcohol for the next three months due to potential liver damaging drugs :-s but heyho, this should be good for my health and reputation.
at uni at the mo the SU elections are taking place....amusing but also rather bloody annoying...'no i am not going to vote for u if you give me a lollipop and i dont even like cola bottles' - thankfully they finish today and we can all be content with the thought that we are not politically idle because we have sat at a computer for five minutes and picked a list of names (which don't mean anything to us), without regard to their manifestos but based purely on the way the candidate looks. it makes me wonder how similar this is to real life politics...i guess people do often say 'appearance is everything'. i just hope politicians in the real world don't start giving out jelly babies to enhance their political status and encourage an increase in their votes!!!
in other politically related news.....Hilary Clinton is not out of the run for democrat just yet - there is still a small chance that i could end up being right in my political predictions!!!

ooo haven't written on here for like a year...may have to write something exciting at somepoint later on!!!
for now i shalt leave you with my eughphness...i have two drs appointments today AND a and gay!!
i am also guna go to the library and hopefully do mass work...hopefully being the key word to that sentance.
hhmm right, i should think about trecking it to the surgery, wonder if it is warm enough to not wear a coat..may go and have a look!!!xxxxx

Saturday, March 01, 2008

i should never be allowed out - end of story!!
i also should not be allowed near any form of vodka based product or be allowed to play ring of was actually a disaster waiting to happen.
i have done no work today - feel a bit bad actually but not bad enough to stop me from watching the sound of music in order to attempt some!!