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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Friday, December 12, 2008

a little note seeing as this is my final full day and night in this room. currently suffering from the effects of a tequilla shot :-s and attempting some poetry revision although i do believe i know the majority about poetry and think i can come up with an essay in half an hour!! have to go get my washing from the dryer first, trying to put it off for as long as possible though as want to make sure it is dry before i start clearing away all the stuff in my room!
allison has cleared all of her stuff out, her dad i currently on his way...yay!!! then i can get to cleaning all my stuff out and locking it all in my cupboard tomorrow! i am leaving so much stuff here that im not entirely sure how it is all going to fit!

going to washington on sunday...yay!! very excited by this thought, but izzy is leaving early tomorrow morning :-( not exactly sure how the next few days are going to pan out with lifts here there and everywhere and the bizarre sleeping arangements....hhmmm, im sure it will all be fine!

well i need to go and get my washing and then go take a poetry exam...yay :-s

10 days til i go home...i feel as though ive been here my whole life!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

thought i should have a quick posting session to commerate my full fledged diving into the realms of the month of december!! it is now the 8th of this joyeous month and i already have had the christmas story read to me, been to a couple of christmas occassions, experienced christmas lights, opened christmas presents and had enough religious encounters to last me until xmas eve!!!
im going to washington on sunday for four days...i can see it being a hectic time of year...hectic but worth every second!! talking of christmas im listening to christmas songs right now, definitely a way to get into the spirit of the season - despite it being the pogues - not so much of a joyous song.

unfortunatly the americans, regardless of their love of consumerism and capitalism and money making, they do not sell advent calanders....i know, it shocked me too!!

thankfully lynne was on standby to send me one in the five days late, a little squashed and slightly melted a beautiful advent calander appears in my post was a happy day!

well exactly 2 weeks right now, i will be precisely three hours away from landing in heathrow...abosolutely the best present i could ever ask for and a brilliant way to start my xmas holidays! :-)