Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i am bored and have just rediscovered my password!!
the parents have gone out to find the brother at the girlfriends house and i am home alone and rather chilly, writing poetry to kill the time and rambling on here like a loon who has nothing much else to do (which i don't). i could go to bed as am after all slightly sleepy and it is 11pm and i have to be up at some stupid hour to go to nottingham...the joys.

only a few more weeks at home-a little sad i have to say, people i will miss like hell (much like last time) and it being so close to my just makes it that little bit worse and after having an amazing summer-it is a shame it will all be over. uni and going back seems to be brought up in conversation more and more recently...kinda brings it home a bit that it is guna happen and that's that. maybe me not talking about it is my own little way of pretending it is ages away but in reality it is 3 and a half weeks.

right enough of sentimentality or i'll never get anything useful done and people will think im depressed which im most definitely not(how could i be with the fun times i seem to have been having lately)
eugh im in a weird mood, may need to go running on thursday before deciding what to take to cardiff with me on fri-a little shallow ok, but i am talking about the deeper things in life also so i can be let off!!!

i think i shall leave now to tidy the bathroom and clean my teeth and my bedroom (which i can't get into)

leaving is a lot harder to do than it is to think about, and unfortunatly that is hard enough as it is....
maybe im emotional.

Monday, August 06, 2007

i have just returned from choir camp, yesterday. that was an experience if ever there was one!!! went to the pub last night, after having been forced to go to a barn dance and dance with a load of the 'old aged'. i did however go to the pub with a 17 and a 15 year old....therefore i was obv drink buyer, unfortunately what i hadn't realised was that there was a police car outside of the pub...ooer!!!
thankfully we were not invaded. but even if we had been invaded i believe that it would have been something to do with the fact that in this pub was a man dressed as a pirate with a real parrot on his shoulder....very weird!!! but i suppose this was a very small community, they must have to inbreed an awful lot.
we sang a lot (as you do on choir camp) and had to sleep in bunk beds, o and take cold showers. at least i was not sleeping in a tent, unlike my mother-who does she think she is??? there was actually no need for her to camp, but she was obviously trying to make a statement.
anyhoo, may walk to the grandparent's house and then phone work..oh the joys!!!