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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

mmm the boredom sheep strikes

has the world gone completely mad?mm..i can hear strange music playing in the background, sounds like some scottish celtic thing like something u wud find on a film of Macbeth!! mmm...anyway IM BORED as always but this time im even more bored than usual because i don't believe i have ne homework....hang on...had to turn on light..mmmm where was i?ahh yup strange music..there was a strike today for UNISON many teachers decided they would like to support the strikers and not turn up for school i think they just thought it was a good excuse for a day off in bed..they are tres lazy i had to drag myself out of bed this morning at ridiculous o clock to make my way into school for a lesson i ended up not having was very annoying!!!
o der, its got to that time of year again when my mother starts talking to plants and seeds which have started sprouting in boxes on the windowsill. it is very sad i think she has fallen off her cloud and landed in the world of the mentally unstable, whereas i on the other hand just think shes gone slightly mad..maybe shes reached her mid life crisis...a stage of life my dad has been in for the past 20 or so years..he was singing yesterday (singing?) it was traumatic i believe i am scarred for life it was 11 o clock for gods sake...i was suprised we didn't have neighbours knocking on the door complaining!!! ooo talking of neighbours, if i get into nottingham uni there is a neighbours appreciation society hahaha..just thought id share that with everyone! i am not a great neighbours fan myself but then im sure someone must be!!!mmm...anyway, i haven't written anymore politically correct nursery rhymes, may do one later if the boredom hasn't ceased!!!
well must be off for now as have written a short essay...its getting rid of built up writing energy that has gathered during the day as there were no teachers in school!!! not that im resentful or anything...its only my education im missing out on and my ticket to uni etc etc mmmm....not impressed..
c u soon guys!

Friday, March 24, 2006

am feeling quite profound this evening and have a need to write something intelligent and possibly slightly obscure!!!
I could write about talking of politics, the budget the other day has increased the price of wine by 4p thats 4P!!! extortionate absolutly ridiculous whereas spirits have remained the same...looks like i'll have to stick to shots etc!!
anyway enough of politics...although there may be a strike at school next week hope there is could be funny altho il stil have a history test as silly history teacher who should know all about strikes and supporting them etc is going to cross the picket line woteva even if she does get booed how boring is she? mmm so wil have to revise!!!
wel enough of boring stuff!!! ooo i may end up going to nottingham for four years (if i get the grades) a whold year in hamburger-a- go-go sounds extremly good fun hehe with all its americanness and diversity and lushness even though the world hates Bush etc etc...that will make it all the more fun!!!
mmm anyway so profound and obscure many fish live in the sea?
ok so thats just weird not how big is the significant are humans on the universe..if we were'nt here would there still be a universe? i think why do i care if we weren't here then noone would be here to know about the universe so to everything that was here it wouldn't exist or be apart of their minds etc so it really doesnt matter...would hate to be a confusing i think i would spend my life with a headache!
well thats enough boredom for everyone for one going to go back to writing politically correct nursery rhymes!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

oooo to right the worlds wrongs

o dear how many people now know about the whole colin hatred thing? id just like to make it clear to anyone who may have been offended by any rumours etc that i dont necessarily dislike people called colin, i just happen not to particulary like that name and so dont wish to come across many people of that selected name-i am not namist or colinist or anything so please do not sue!!
o dear tis as bad as the whole 'baa baa rainbow sheep' thing!! ooo here is a version of that particular rhyme which surely cant be politically incorrect:
'(insert animal sound here e.g baa baa or moo moo or um...nibble nibble(so as not to offended otha animals who may want to be in the rhyme)) selected rainbow animal
have you any piece of natural material (e.g wool, leather etc)
Yes sir/madam/child/Dr Yes sir/madam/child/Dr
three containers full
one for the perkin#1
one for the perkin#2
and one for the partially younger perkin who lives somewhere on the road/lane/street etc...'

right ok so thats getting a bit silly but really what is the world coming to (back in my day(wibble wobble wibble wobble)...)
well im off to do some eagerly awaited history revision and to talk to a couple of people on the way!!!!
so love you and leave you
auf weidersein (please correct the spelling here-having never done german hoping tis not too bad)xxxxxxxxx

Monday, March 13, 2006

omg colin wot a crap name!!!
y wud u name anyone colin...lynne tis not even funny to make a joke out of it!!!if i didnt know it was u i would be scared stiff!!
omg i could go on about the name colin for hours, even my mum laughs about me and the name colin..oooo colin backwards is niloc hahahahahahaha!!!
anyway enough of that!!!
o no have just realised am once again listenin to goodbye my lover-i think it is the ultimate cheering up song!!!
anyhoo must go

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ooooo a funny story

just thought id tell you a funny get over the ranting etc etc...well my dad has just had to rush to jacquis house (no complaining from his point of view) because she has a leak in her kitchen (and unfortunatly for her its not the type you eat)!her tap wil not stop running hehe and she was having a panic incase it flooded the room and then she wasnt sure whether to mess around with some red button thing and my mum told her that it would probably not be such a good idea especially as the boiler was still on!!!o der it is traumatic, so to solve the problem mum has gone to PC World-i found that a bit strange too but heyho that is middle aged adults for you-not very clever!!!o der my mother has taking up talking to seeds again (is it that time of year already?) it will not be long now before she goes all allotmenty on us again...she already came up with idea of me (yes me) going to the allotment and digging? when i finish school as i have almost a month before my exams (note to self...i must find something to occupy myself for this month...anyone fancy a road trip?)
well must be off to get in shower
adios mes amigos!!!

im on here for another rant youl be glad to no!!! i really should be doing my psychology work but i dont really understand it cos am not very clever!!!
anyway...english teachers! he starts to go on at us about ww1 which is fine cos that is relevant for what we are donig but then he spends the whole hour lecturing us on our values and the fact that we apparently take everything for granted and dont have any views of our own and that we should all want to do military service and fight for our country!!!personnally i dont want to do military service it would be a complete waste of my time...can you really see me with a gun following orders and prancing around wearing green (a dreadful colour) and a funny hat?!no, me neither and anyway i wouldnt want to kill anyone we have a perfectly good army in GB to do that sort of thing for us and im sure no one is really planning on going to war just yet and anyway even if we did go to war we would probably all be wiped out by weapons of mass destruction or something what is the point in me doing military service? Also i have no immediate plans to save the world just yet as i am too busy worrying about my grades and what to wear if we ever go clubbing and whether i want to go to the cinema tonight!!
i do have values tho and i do appreciate the fact that many people died in ww1 fighting for what we still have now and stuff but (as they say) times change!!!no one is gonig to give a toss if a load of kids like myself do not automatically sign up if ever we are needed (which we hopefully wont be (fingers crossed)) we dont have to protect our...our...dignity or anything cos obviously everyone knows we are useless, good for nothing idiots who are possibly the least patriotic people in the world and we could not care less whether Tony Blair ran the country eco warrior from wales who wears purple and hugs trees? I mean can you blame us for being so ladida?no one believes that we are good enough, patriotic enough, responsible enough to do anything so of course we do not want to do military service-give us a gun and we will all go on rampage!!!anyway we dont get the option...bu then whos fault is that?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

mmm im very bord and the phone ahs just rang very loudly in my ear and am now deaf as well as bord!
i had to come on here for a rant omg at work i ws made to make sum random apple thing which ws going fine i have to add despite my lack of culinary skills, anyway i had to go at 5 and it ws guna take half an hour to cook it all so that ws an impossibility from the start!!anyway i handed it ova to sumone else at 5 and said i ws going and then they had the cheek to turn around and ask me to stay gfor another half an hour cos they were a staff member short or sumthin and i was like 'you cut my hours not me' (i didnt actuly say that -would be too scared!)and i left anyway although i would have got paid more i supose anyway never mind they should have thought this through before cutting my hours!! wel thats that rant over anyway!!
o der and im listenin to mr blunt, cnt be good am in one of those moods mmm should do something happy i could go to the pub later but noones texted me to tel me about it so probs wont be going and anyway i dont really no the people who wil be there i dnt think apart from anna but then bertis going so.....anyway i dnt no how to get there or back...this is when driving would really become useful!!!
so wil probs do some homework insted. I couldnt go to sleep last night so i wrote a psychology essay at 10.30 it doesnt have to be in for a week mmmm could have done that tonight never mind could do my english coursework put really dont want to!!
well anyway...thats my rant for the day, always feels better to get such things onto a page and out of my mind!! Hopefully going clubbing on saturday so wil get rid of any built up energy and wil be able to comiserate (or celebrate) my january results!!!
wish me luck!
oooo i have some advice, plan a load of things to do and make loads of friends who will always be willing to go out cos othawise youll be bored and end up listening to Goodbye My Lover (however it can be quite a funny song!!)-that wasn't aimed at anyone!
love you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, March 05, 2006

bobbing along in my own little world

have not been on here for months mmm been so long i dont no wot to write
neva mind nothing much has happened!!the exams i talked about last time have been taken and the results are out on fri aahhh not luking forward to that
ooooo im being visited by cat...hang on...had to go and stroke cat!!!
am listening to Jack Johnson tis very relaxin am doing head bobbing etc. feel the need to go out and dance mm may be going clubbing on thurs tho so thats gd wil get rid of my built up dancing energy!!!
i watched Finding NeverLand this afternoon was very sad dont rememba it being this sad last time i watched it!!!
ooo my mums just got back from riding her bike around hehe why she has decided to go bike riding today is beyond me she is a bit odd!!! anyway may go now i dnt wnt to gt back into 'long blog writing mode'
adios!!! (ooo we r going on holiday to Spain-have finally booked it after much debate on where to go who to go with etc!!!)