Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Monday, August 30, 2004


I am glad people are taking an interest in my ramblings however I would appreciate it if my little pieces of 'art work' were not referred to as ramblings as this makes them sound boring when they clearly aren't boring as people are (supposedly) reading them. (I can be hurt you know!)
Yesterday, I was woken up in the early hours of the morning (8:30) to a lot of hammering and drilling coming from next door. I felt as though I had accidently fallen asleep on a building site (which, actually, was not far from the truth). The 'neighbours' have practically destroyed their kitchen but why they were doing it so early I'll never know!
Anyway, my dad got all grumpy (it's his old age) and went on about it being uncivalised and selfish. I thought he might go round there and start up a fight (no such luck).
I cleared out my whole bedroom yesterday. Really, I did! I even used the vacuum cleaner. I have decided that when I get a house of my own there will be no need to use a duster or anything like that as a vacuum does all the work! As well as vacuuming the floor I did my dancemat, my shelves, the stuff on my shelves and my bed (and my mum's foot-hehe)!
Oh, I'm very upset at the mo. My insignificant E (for IT) is getting me down. I think it has decided to haunt me. It will be with me a growth (or something) mmmm...maybe not. I think maybe people will turn me down at jobs that mean I might need to use a computer (that's half the world's jobs gone then) and I will never get a job!
Oh well, I don't mind too much.
On a more funny note, the Ondrej's went canoeing down a river, yesterday (I think). He probably did some fishing too. I think they went to Wales.
Anyway. I off to my Gma's now to have lunch. I will probably ride my bike there as the sun has just come out.
I was going to leave you with a riddle that I found in this book but I seem to have mislaid the book so I can't do that.

Smile and the world will smile with you (unless you smile in an odd way, then the world might just look at you oddly (Lynne))!

Friday, August 27, 2004

I'm so happy!!!

I have my results! I got 4 A's, 7 B's and an inconspicuous E for ICT which no-one talks about! I am very pleased especially because of what I got for textiles (A) and science (BB). I was only predicted C's in both of these! Obviously I must be very clever! All my friends did very well too!

I filled in an application form for the library today and it was weird fillling in my 'qualifications'!
I've also got a driving license application form to fill in! How exciting!
Yesterday was fun. I went to a party last night (to celebrate) and the police were being called by 10:30 because we were disturbing the peace and had broken someone's window! It was quite scary at the time but now I'm finding it tres amusant (that's the B I got for french coming out!)
Anyway my mother is at Jacqui's at the mo putting up some shelves. She rang dad up before asking whether it was safe to drill through a particular wall as she didn't know if there was a pipe in it or not (God help us!) I'm glad I'm not there, sounds like a bit of a health hazard.
I went to the library in Bristol today and got out two more books. One being Bridget Jones' Diary (for inspiration-not really, I've seen the film!).
It's dad's birthday tomorrow but he's opened a presant and some cards already. We have to go out to some other party though so we may have to have cake another day!
Ondrej came over this morning to harass my mother. He seemed extremely interested in this walking stick that we have. I'll say no more!
Anyway, I'm going to go and read a book now. This was only meant to be short!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Aaaarrrhhh, results tomorrow!!!
Never mind.
We all go back to school soon. Yey! Although, as I found out yesterday, I don't have any lessons until the monday! So that's good.
Oooo, I have sent off for a job application at LA library (have I told you this before?) I will get £5.47 (or something) an hour and I only have to work for three hours a week. GREAT!
So it would be good if I could work there. Fingers crossed.
La-di-la, the little boy next door is being very odd today. He keeps taking a pack of 12 kitchen towels for a walk around the garden (obviously he is fed up with the dog). He almost fell down the steps as they were too big for him to carry (the kitchen towels, not the steps)! Very amusing!
I went to this very odd meeting last night. I'm not entirely sure what it was about. We all had to introduce ourselves and tell them why we were there. Well, I wasn't entirely sure why I was there so, obviously, I told them this and they thought I was being funny. I actually wasn't, so I'm still not sure why we were there. We were there for long enough though (about 2 and a half hours!).
Anyway, they're thinking about having another meeting! Hah.
I'm reading a Blue Peter annual today, while I'm writing (this is what comes of having a computer by a book shelf). I think I got it in Dec. 99, for christmas, but one can not be sure.
I'm seeing if it will give me any writing inspiration (no such luck so far).
Talking of books, I still haven't finished this play that I have to read. I only have about 20 pages left but I seem to have started reading a different book that I got from the library but I have promised myself I will finish the play today (promise, promise).
My mother is going to an extra yoga class today (why?) and she wants me to help her make a cake this afternoon (doesn't she realise that my idea of helping only involves licking the bowl out afterwards!) for when my Gma and Gdad come over this afternoon. She also wants me to tidy my room and vacuum (spellings!) the floor and dust (dust?) I don't have this many hands you know!
It's my dad's birthday on saturday. We were going to buy him a chocolate dispenser (but we didn't). Oh, my dad has also decided that America might be too expensive in July and August so his next plan is to get a campervan and take it to France and then take it round Europe to places like Italy and Greece and stuff. Could be fun!
Anyway, this is only an idea (which no-one talks about). My plan is to lay low until christmas (or so) and then start up again about holidays.
Oh dear, my brother's still in bed and it's almost lunch time!
Anyway, I think I will go now. I have started to right more and more every time I come on the website, it's bad for my fingers (typing all the time)!
So I'll leave it at that. I'll write tomorrow (or the next day) to tell you my results (if they're good).
Good Luck to everyone who is expecting results tomorrow. You'll all be great.

Monday, August 23, 2004

A colossal foot

I have only have one monday left before I go back to school. Oh No!!!
I had better start reading these books a little faster!
I had fun yesterday at this house. My mother was beside herself because all of the ceilings had been painted with extremely extravagant pictures and all she wanted to do was to get out some white paint and paint them all. My dad complained about the price and said that the last time he went there (in the dark ages) he only had to pay a couple of quid, the parking was free and there were only five people there. But, as I told him, this house is in the middle of no-where and back then it would have been a lot harder to get there (he wasn't amused).
There was this strange thing in the house called 'the colossal foot' which was, suprisingly, a very large foot. I found it odd. Apparently there is a fake foot in Greece, or somewhere, (God knows why anyone would want to make a fake) and the only way you can tell the difference is because it's the wrong foot (it's left instead of right or something), so yeh, that was odd!

Anyway, life is good. Apart from Thursday. I think I have been waiting far too long for Thursday, it seems to have taken over, I mean all it's going to be is a bit of paper with a few letters on it (hopefully A's B's or C's) and then a party afterwards. I guess it can change your life (not quite that drastic, but still) but you're still going to wake up the next day whether you got A's or U's.
Anyway, that was my words of wisdom for the day!
Oh, I have a complaint. Paula Radcliffe, in the running, what a waste of space. She only has three miles left to go and she drops out, pathetic. I don't mean to sound harsh or anything but THREE MILES! It's her job to run it. She would have probably got more credit for actually finishing than dropping out. Just because she wasn't going to win a medal. What message is that for 'the children of today'- 'if you're not going to win don't bother'? that's ridiculous.
Well, that was my ramble (as I've said before-not a wellie walking ramble'.)
I am going to town tomorrow and it seems that the majority of my family are going to be coming too! After (I must add) going to a farmers market. This whole obsession with things that are green and vegatable looking is seriously getting annoying. I'm am beginning to act like a farmer-not fun-I've got a brand new combine harvester (I haven't really-I was acting like a farmer) Mmmm...the worzels, not for me.
Anyway, I'm going off to watch Eastenders now. Oh, and incase she reads this-I had fun at Holly's today! (hehe)
Jess's words of wisdom...If you are watching balloons fly overhead, don't watch them whilst walking backwards on your garden wall (ouch)!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Fan Club

How Cool! I have a fan. Maybe I should start a fan club! How strange, I now feel as though I should think of what to write before I write it!
Anyway. The advice about love...I don't mind strange things. Infact, I'm all up for strange things! (hehe). 'Oh Eros, lend me your arrow', that's how I feel! (I made that up (really)).
No, I don't feel quite that desperate.
At the mo I'm more worried about my exam results. I had a slight panickness this morning and last night (I couldn't get to sleep). It should all be fine. I am now (strangely) worried about drama. My drama teacher did not seem very hopeful with what I might get, although, she was still willing to take me on, in her class, next year. I am also worried that I won't get a C in science. Me and science should not be used in the same sentance (that's how bad it is). It's sooo bad that in the chemistry exam I think I made up every answer. God knows why I was put in a higher set!
Anyway, I can't 'turn back the clock (as they say) now.
Great Britain are doing ok in the Olympics (keeping my father happy). Although, one American has won more gold medals than the whole of Great Britain put together. But, obviously, they have more people to choose from to run their races. Unfortunatly (as I found out) we are getting thrown their cast offs. One guy who runs for GB is only running for us because he couldn't get any furthur than the trials in the USA! Dreadful!
Oh well, I shouldn't get too upset about sport for a start it is pathetic and secondly I have more important things to worry about (results).
I got my mother three more books from the library today about Tai C'hi and Shiatsu. She know wants to try out Shiatsu methods on the rest of my family. (for those of you who don't know what it is, the more complex stuff involves walking up and down peoples backs!).
Anyway. My tea is now ready. So I'll be seeing you!

You always find gold at the end of a rainbow. (if you're lucky!(or a leprichaun))

Friday, August 20, 2004

A Greek Myth

Oh to be wanted, how shallow!
This means no-one has to waste their money on presants anymore!
I am glad I am still a star to some people, though I never doubted for a minute that I wasn't!
While I am writnig this I am reading a book on Greek myths. Very interesting and appropriate for the olympics. I have read about Orpheus, Atlas, Hera and Eros (could do with some help from him!)
I have another burguling story to tell.
I was downstairs, playing the piano and singing along (as you do) when suddenly I heard noises in the kitchen so I went to see what it was and it was Ondrej looking for some keys as he couldn't get in (he's as bad as James). I gave him some keys. Then later on when I was upstairs I heard more noises in the kitchen, so I went down and it was Ondrej again. Returning the keys!
Don't they knock on doors in Slovakia, or wherever he comes from? I mean, if I had thought he was a burgular, I could have gone downstairs with a baseball bat (if I had one) and hit him over the head with it!
Mmmm...that's a plan. No. Cruelty to foreiners is not allowed. Only joking (really)
Well, I may be going to Derbyshire? on sunday? If the weather holds off. To look at a house. Not to buy. It's one of those old houses. I like looking at old houses, makes me feel intelligent! It's instead of climbing up hills (mountains) so I'm up for it.
Anyway, I have no more stories to tell.
'Hoorah' you say

A field of eternal happiness has to be very exciting. (I think I have been reading too many Greek Myths!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Today was very funny. Most of it was spent doing exercise at dads school, on the trampoline. We are soooo good at the trampoline that we even created a new move, 'the busted'. Which is very complex and difficult and should only be attempted by professionals. Okay, so it wasn't quite that hard but I think it should be brought into Olympic trampolining!
Oh the Olympics. My father is obsessed. He will watch anything, including boring horse riding, boring boxing and badminton. I, however, only watch the Olympics for a select few athetical events, gymnastics and synchronised diving. Trampolining should also be quite fun to watch to see if they do the new 'busted move'. Dad says he will introduce it into his P.E lessons!
Anyway, I'm going to have a nice relaxing day tomorrow after a slight disappointment this morning-I was unaccepted for BOV but never mind, I can (no, will) try again next year. I knew I hadn't done my best. Maybe next time I will employ some specialist help. Possibly not from Ondrej but then I can sue (or something) if I don't get accepted!
Maybe I'll have gotten this whole acting idea out of my head by then, maybe I just want to be good at something, (how sad).
Mmm, my chair is squeaky. I thought it was uncomfortable but I think that was just psycological!
What can I do for my birthday? Any suggestions will be looked at.
There was also something else I think I needed to organise but I can't remember what that was.
At least, I think there was something.
Oh dear, I have just re-read what I have written. It is not very interesting. I'm sure my life used to be more fun. As I told Lynne, I believe I have lost my flow. It must have flowed away.
Oooo, I'm holding a stand against a certain person who purposly didn't invite Lynne to her party. I don't think anyone else knows about this stand and I'm certain the person I'm holding it against doesn't, so, I don't think there is a lot of point in holding it. However, because my stand involves not going to her party it means that I don't have to buy her a present so that means that I will remain with the same amount of cash as I do at present and she will be one present shorter than she is at present. (many presents in that sentance).
Anyway, that has shrivelled my brain enough for today. I may now go and eat a jam sandwich.

If you see a penny pick it up-you will soon be a penny richer than you were before

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I went swimming today for the first time in ages! Shock, horror.
I went with Lynne and we swum around (obviously).
There were many people swimming as the floats were out. So we played on the floats and swam and attempted diving and tried a bit of synchronised swimming too.
the Tomans are back in the country. Mum went to collect them from the airport today. Actually, I think Jacqui collected them, (she was at my house at the wrong time) poor her.
Me, Lynne, Anna, mum, dad and probably Jacqui are going to dad's school tomorrow to play on the trampoline. Could be humourous!
Oh, Anna's decided to have a party next thursday while her familie's away for when we get our results back. Could also be tres humourous. Aaaaarrrr next thursday (just getting it out of my system!)
I don't think I have anything funny to tell, oh, except we seem to have adopted an odd cat from next door. It almost came in our house today. Mmmm, that's not really funny. Especially not for me as I don't even like the things!

I'm going to watch Eastenders now so I'll write next time!

Friday, August 13, 2004


The fiesta was fun. Me and Lynne saw many bands and people.
We saw Rachel Stevens, Big Brovaz, Girls Aloud, Sugababes and many others! Oh, and Peter Andre (very exciting.)
There were thousands of people (really, there were) and when we were stood very near to the front and looked back there was just a sea of people for millions of miles!
Me and mum have pickled more beetroot this morning and there's still more to go. We could feed all the people at Ashton Court for the whole weekend!
My fingers are all purple now.
My dad's just got back from ASDA and no, he doesn't live there! He was doing 'the weekly shopping', it has taken him about two hours though but there you are.
My parents have decided to go to Yorkshire or somewhere next week. I don't think they realise that if we're getting rain here then it must be pretty bad up there. They want to go walking, up a hill. Don't ask why. They are a bit odd. My mum said 'oh you should come Jess, we won't be walking far'
'How far?'
'Only 5ish miles'
Up a hill, she must be joking. Hills in that part of the world are more like mountains.
Talking off mountains, the Olympics start this weekend (I think). You have to be very olympic to be able to walk up those hills.
Oh, exciting news...I've finished my book!!! It's only taken me about a month. It was sooo boring (as I've said before) and I've got to read another one that looks even more boring! Great.
Anyway...I'll leave you with...a question. Ummm why is the world round?

So we don't walk off the end.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Hey, I'm back.
It did rain but it's sunny again now.
Mum just rang to say that they are on their way back now! They said it's raining where they are and they are stuck in a traffic jam! (well, we can't all be lucky)
So yeh, my audition was alright, until I forgot this one line and it threw me completly. But never mind, I can always try again next year!
I went horse riding on monday with Jenny and Anna and it rained, alot! We got absolutly soaked and now I think Jenny has pneumonia!
I went shopping with mum yesterday and she bought me many things! I got some new converse shoes that are pink and I put pink laces in them. I don't think I will wear them tonight as the grass at Ashton Court will be very wet!
It's been a week since I last wrote properly (that's a long time) so mum will be going to yoga again tonight!
I think there are lots of things happening this weekend, if only I could remember them. Oh well, I have learnt to go with the flow and sort of just wait for things to happen and hope that they do happen (which they usually do) and hope that they are nice things!
I feel incredibly calm just waiting for things. You would think that I would be worried that nothing is going to happen but there you are! Maybe it's something to do with Norah Jones, (that's what I'm listening to at the mo) her music is soooo calming and relaxing!
There are many campervans and caravans going down our road at the mo, to the farmers field because of the festival.
It's like caravan city. The welsh caravans have all put HUGE welsh flags up. My mum drove past them yesterday and said 'do they want to be burnt down?'. You can tell she doesn't really like the welsh but it is true. Some people round here don't like the welsh so it's not a good idea to advertise that you are welsh by putting flags up around your caravan. It does however, show that there is a little colonie of welsh people in one corner of the field (tres amusing)!
Oh dear, they can't help being welsh. that racist (I hope not!).
Anyway, enough of that.
Maybe I should stop writing now, this has turned into a small essay. Maybe I should become a writer, (any comments on this subject will be taken into consideration, just don't be rude about this statement) it make actually turn out as a more likely career than an actress or a farmer!
Anyway, I really am going now.
I may write again tomorrow if I can get my hands on this computer instead of my own.
Any words of wisdom...ummm... always take the right path,... not the wrong one!


Long time no write! My computer won't let me write on it anymore, it's sooo odd.
Anyhow. I have loads to tell!
My brother rang from Devon last night at about 2am saying he wanted some one to go and take him home. At that hour? I don't think so!
I did my audition and I think it went ok. I am hopeful but I'm not counting on anything-if you see what I mean.
Ummm...the balloon fiesta is today so I'm going up there with Lynne (should be fun, if it doesn't rain), it looks as though it's about to rain now so...
Oh, you know I talked about my farmers genes, well my mother has really got into pickling beetroot at the moment. We have already made about 16 or so jars of the stuff and thats only about a fifth or so of what we've actually grown in the allotment! The other day we got a little bit of a production line going-one person cooked, one person peeled and the other person squished it into a jar. Everyone turned purple during this process (heehee).
I've practically finished the book. I have about ten pages left so I will finish it today!
My parents are now accepting the fact that we will go to America next year. My mum even got an American brouchure from the travel agents. It looks so cool. I have decided we should have a day in Las Vegas (I'm a gambler at heart).
I think there's a thunder storm a brewing! It's gone incredibly dark!
Anyway I'll have to write again later as Beki's coming to put something on my computer.
This is not goodbye...

Thursday, August 05, 2004


I have an audition tomorrow!
I'm quite scared (as I have said many times) but I am also excited-which can only be a good thing!
This time tomorrow and it will be all over.
Guess what. I have been on my bike every day since Friday (how energetic), I even think I am growing muscles! (now that's a new experience!)
Mmmm...I don't have a lot to say, but then I never do!
Although I have been doing all this exercise I wanted to eat an ice cream today. Usually this ice cream van comes down our road at about 5 but today I could hear but it didn't go past! How rude!
My mum and dad are out at the moment (coinsidently, doing exercise). My mother is doing yoga. She is really getting into it actually. Maybe a bit too much. She keeps going on about your inner this and your inner that and how to balance your chakras etc. She also makes a great deal of fuss over her yoga mat. I mean, it's only a mat!
My father is 'training' (not sure what for), he goes to the gym and lifts a couple of weights (can't be training for a marathon then). They will be home soon.
Anyway, I'm bored now.
I'm going to go and read over my lines a couple more times-I think I know them now (I hope I know them now).
Well, that's all for today.
I'll leave you with some words of wisdom:
If the string breaks, try another piece of string.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Not the end of the world

I went shopping today. And I bought some stuff!
Oh, I was going to tell you last time about 'the new neighbours'. They moved in next door (suprisingly). They have a little boy called Jake (who is very sweet) and a dog. They have turned into my personal alarm clock. They always seem to be outside with a barking dog and a screaming child at about 9 o clock!
Anyway, I've almost learnt my lines for friday. God, that seems soooo close now. I don't think I'm scared (yet) maybe a little nervous and full of anticipation! It's quite weird, I'm quite weird. I still don't know why I want to do this. I put myself through all this and I might not even get anything out of it except the experience of being terrified!
I've also still got all those books to read before school starts again. I think I'll get down to that after Friday.
Ummm...I found out something today. Someone I know, who I've known since I was little, well, her parents are splitting up-or have split up. It's really odd. I've always thought they were very different people but I never thought this would happen. They're going to have to sell the house and everything. This is sooo weird. You don't expect this type of thing to happen. I mean, whats going to happen to them all.
Okay, so it's not the end of the world, but I'm sure it feels that way for the kids.
Anyway, it's something to think about. How would I feel if that happened to my parents? is perculiar.
I feel as though I should do something but I know that's stupid. I have a headache. Too much stuff is going on at the mo.
I can't even attempt at at a funny comment.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Farmers Jeans

Happy, happy, happy! I don't know why.
The sun is out
the sky is blue
I'm going brown
oh, whoop-di-do!
Where do my talents end! Maybe I should take up a job in poetry land. Mr Shakespeare, Mr Blake, Roald Dahl, stand aside, poetry genius coming through!
Well, maybe I still need a bit of practice. It is all true, though. About the sun and that.
Mmmm...any stories to tell?
I know, I believe I have farmers genes (that's genes as in chromosome type things not, as my mother thought, farmers jeans, when I told her) I went to the allotment yesterday and picked peas and beans and ate a few strawberries too. I was stung by a nettle and scratched by planks of wood (very rural stuff). When we got home me and mum popped the pea and bean pods. I believe I have pea popping genes (now that would be funny if they were pea popping jeans!).
Anyway, I only have one other story, I think. Yesterday night, around 11pm, I was watching TV in the living room and happened to look out the window (that wasn't the story, just the build up) the security light came on outside the Toman's house and this person was walking around looking around the bins, at the door and then started waving this big stick in the air. At first I had a funny feeling that it could have been a burglar but then I thought only a very stupid burglar would wave a huge stick around in the air. Mum opened the window and shouted out to it. Then a large afro appeared, closely followed by James. He had got home without a key and no-one was in so he thought he would amuse himself with a large stick.
Oh well, not everyone can be a genius.
I might go shopping tomorrow unless it's hot, then I won't go shopping tomorrow.
I'll write soon. I won't leave you with another 'mind bending' question as I seem to have run out of them...For now!