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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am coming to the end of my first whole weekend off in a long time. Ok weekend all in all, but it has had its hiccups :s
we will start with the obligatory 'man news'. C is in London and has been for a few days and will be for another week I believe which is perfectly fine by me. I think he is starting to get a tad boring and a little on the clingy side which I can't be dealing with. He started asking whether all was well as I hadn't text him as much as normal...bearing in mind I believe I have text him everyday, I thought this was a bit ridiculous.
Umm went to visit 'guy from work' on thurs. Had really good evening, did not get bored, would quite happily have stayed if I hadn't had work so very early. Actually quite want to see him in this context again. I find it very strange to actually want to see someone again, I haven't had this sort of feeling for a long time. However, he is not the guy that I am searching for and he is moving away soon so I must hop off that particular bus before I get too far down the road and realise it is a hell of a long walk back.
so anyway, will move on to this weekend. Went out last night into Bristol for the first time in a long time. Was very entertaining and as far as I know much fun was had by all. It did rain a lot though and it wasn't very warm considering it is June :(
Went to Portishead friday. Also very good night despite my initial thoughts on actually going out at all...didn't really want to end up feeling awkward. I guess it was alright as Dan left the flat for basically the whole time I was there. Would be nice to be acknowledged but you know, we can't have it all.

in other news, SJH nearly died in a car fire, one of the old people I go and see almost died on me earlier in the week (guy from work did come and help me though and suppressed my little meltdown, which was nice). Also, my brother told Keira he was going to kill himself with a rope if she didn't go back to live with him. So I had to put up with my mother have a major crisis while my dad drove to his house to check there had been no suicide life is actually like a soap opera, bloody hell.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

an update in the life of internet dating. I have discovered that by my current law of averages I will end up meeting people who are 1/3 likely to be a bit on the strange side.
Went out with C yesterday to Wells. All very nice and lovely, we wandered round and then had lunch and then returned. I then prepared myself for a date with 'N' in Bristol. Met up with N. Bit on the strange side I would say. I did stay out a good two hours with the guy though so I guess I should be given points for niceness. I then made my excuses with the help of lynne (largely) who pretended to have died on behalf of my failing friendly soul. I didn't actually tell 'N' that one of my friends had expired, rather that I had many things to do on my journey home.
My things to do ended up being meeting 'guy from work', in Long Ashton for a drink. so all in all, a day of male entertainment but nothing all that exciting. When will something worthwhile ever actually turn up :( ?! x

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

just had to write this on here as it sums up tonights conversation rather well: the two things you must do on a date...take a condom and DO NOT drink a whole bottle of wine. I am glad we came to this conclusion. That is all.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Good Afternoon!

A few things have happened since my last life update...firstly I must give a mention to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which happened this weekend. I did watch some of it on the TV but unfortunately have been at work quite a bit so have felt rather removed from such festivities. I had to actually battle myself and my car out of a street closure/party thing last night, which I must add was quite successful on my part!
Secondly it is now raining, a lot. So much for summer showing itself a couple of weeks has now ended.
My brother and Keira have broken up (again), apparently this time is more definite than any previous times and he is somewhat distraught by the whole experience but will hopefully not be moving in here.
Me and Lynne went to the Travel Agents...this suggests to me that the likelihood of us going away has increased a little. ooo Lynne had a 'run in' with architect man (yes, that is some sort of euphemism), apparently he is 'too posh'; hahahahaha!
I have a few man updates - Im sure i must have mentioned Will being a bit 'overly keen' last weekend, well I saw him last night briefly. I tried to encourage a pub visit, but no we ended up in Kingston Seymour (seriously, the things I do), by the lakes, going for a walk, in the dark. Now, I didnt want to be presumptuous but assumed that he was expecting something to happen. Unfortunately my presumptions were acurate. I did stand my ground and pointblank told him that no kissing or any fondling of any sort would be going on. Well he was a bit downhearted and kept asking why, so I told him I did not want to kiss him (firm but fair, and im sure ive told him similar things before), well anyway, I haven't heard from him today, oooer!
Not only have I had to put up with this, C started to send me weird messages the other day about whether what we are currently doing is 'going anywhere'. After about 100 messages back and forth and me trying to explain that I'm living in the moment and also trying not to have to mention that yes I am sort of actively looking for someone else, he finally decided that all was well and there might (note: MIGHT) be future potential. So all was well with the world. Lynne didn't hesitate to tell me at this point that I am 'damaged goods'...bloody rude!

I have given up on D, largely due to the fact that we could never come up with a time to meet when we were both free. Since then I believe I have found myself a stalker who will not stop messaging me. He has messaged me now about 5 times in 24 hours...hhhmmm, I am using my 'ignoring' tactic and seeing what this does. I have also found someone else whom we shall call N, who seems like a nice enough chappy. He is a Uni lecturer and is currently in Boston. However there are a few issues already with this one, the main one being that he lives in Cardiff. I am yet to find out for certain whether he is actually from the Welshlands, but that is certainly a downside to his existence.

And then last but not least there is guy from work...some very perculiar text messaging happening on that front.

ooooo and actually there is one more thing...another internet person who apparently recognised me from the gym. There was only going to be a certain amount of time before this happened :s

So, I will leave it there for now. Im sure ive missed something vitally important but I will write again when it comes back to me.

toodles. x