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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Friday, April 14, 2006


omg have not been on here for a very very long time!!!
but then suppose have not much to say! i was elbowed in the face the other day by someone who must have been doing maniac dancing was not pleased apart from that had a good night tho so all is ok!!
um what to talk about..ummm unfortunatly (or maybe fortunatly for u) my life has been fairly boring and monotonous the past couple of weeks even tho it has been the holidays i have been bored quite alot (highly unlike me i no) but what can u do!
i only have 4 weeks 6 days left of school that it probs one of the scariest things ni the world i do not want to leave no matter how much i hate being sat around in school i really really dont want to leave!! i also want to go to uni and everything but still dont want to leave!! it will be so so weird!! in three months time all my exams will be over and i will have been on holiday and it will be just over two months before uni starts omgomgomg i can hardly think about it o der must get off this subject.......ummmm the pub!!o der i b pos going to the pub on fri with beki etc and i found out the other day that matt ackroyd will be coming too aaarrgghhh wot have i dun to deserve this?i may have to slit my throat!!they are all slightly odd but he increases their oddness by about a million and one percent!!o der wot am i to do?o well suppose it means im going out on friday which is more than can be said for today!!altho suppose would not really want to go out today cos am slowly falling asleep and tis only 9pm!!!have not had many hours sleep in the past two days (and i usually get loads).
i no this sounds silly but thinking i may actually go and do some homework now..just had a sudden urge and cos it doesnt happen often i think i must 'grasp this opportunity with both hands'(as they say)!
so yeh am off now!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

i b procrastinating as i told myself i would do my psyc homework today but really cant be bothered rite now..however if it gets much later then i wil be too tired to do any work eugh how annoying!!!
mmm i b cold may have to go for a walk to warm up or i could just do some spontaneous jogging or chair swivelling or something (sounds too much like hard work tho if u ask me).
my parents are going to London tomorrow at some ridiculous hour in the morning so have decided not to go with them i'l go to my grandmas house insted and b fed etc mmm sounds like a better plan!!
ooo the suns coming out i believe its probably warmer outside than in i am inside, tis slightly chilly mmm probs need some food to insulate is lunchtime afterall!!
anyway i have bord everyone enough for today and so i guess its time to wander downstairs towards the fridge
au revoir mon petite amies (eugh my french skills have gone over the small hill and into the field of the non existent..which is sad as i always thought i was ok at french!)