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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Sunday, May 15, 2005

just created MSN-in secret! my parents are out and I had only revision and mountains of homework to do and so decided to do something constructive!!!
oooo I have been to the allotment today. Haven't been there since I was almost killed by the low flying firework. It still looks very allotmenty although I don't know what you look for in the perfect allotment as I'm not the gardening sort (I was however forced to water the...allotment produce-it took an hour!) so I mustn't make fun of it!!! I quite enjoyed the first 1/4 of an hour watering, it felt very rustic and I felt like one of those people in old films you see beating hay etc (without the hay or the beater) but then it got boring-as my dad says 'you city type have got nooo stamina'. I don't see how anyone can find watering onions exciting especially without the modern invention-the hosepipe. I had to walk back and forth about 100 times to refill the watering can-I felt myself getting heat stroke(although I'm sure I have grown muscles!)
Anyway, there is only so much you can about an allotment, I'm sure my father would disagree-'They're exciting places' etc etc!!!
My parents went out with Fran and Ondrej last night to a Thai restaurant. Ondrej ate duck (I don't know why that's amusing).
Whilst they were there my Brother rang to say he was staying at Jamie's over night, however we later found out that actually he and 3 friends were going to camp in ashton court. They did camp in ashton court even though a scary man is supposed to be living in the woods!!! He's asleep now and it's only 6.30!!! They mustn't have got much sleep!!! I don't know where they slept. I hate to think where Jamie slept and I don't think Matt took his sleeping bag-hmmm, so where did he sleep?!
Well...moving swiftly on...I think I had better go now and finish some homework etc. Have revised sooo much for history tomorrow that mum thinks my head will burst (her phrase not mine!).
My mum came out with another odd phrase today-'wot a melter' it supposed to be Bristolian and you say it if something is embarrassing. Why can't people just say 'that was embarrassing'?
What an odd world we live in!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thank you Lynne, I am afterall a genius!!!
Jenny is going to the yr13 ball tonight-oh dear!! with a certain person whom I am not allowed to mention (oh dear again). hehehe
I am sat here alone at the mo in the study room with noone here as it is 3.10 and Im waiting for my driving lesson to arrive. My test is in less than a month-scary stuff!!!
wonder if my mother is going to yoga tonight?will carol be there?whos to know! must start revising for my exam on mon. especially after today as we did a mock french rev exam and I have concluded now that i know bugger all about the french and even less about revolution!!! life is hard!
I keep hearing noises in here! It might be a ghost-who-s to know?! it could just be a cleaner!!! NO more sainsburys yey. although am feeling sad as I had befriended the security guard and he even let me read his copy of 'Heat' when I got bored!!!

Oh dear. anna is going to said ball tonight too. with (unfortunatly enough) ark boy. Poor Dave is can see 'i am distraught' written all over his face and I think anna is coming round to the idea of her and Dave too.
Oooooo just been terrified-scary caretaker man just entered room from behind and almost gave me a heart attack!! you have to have eyes in the back of your head around here!!!

Anyway...poor Dave.
Not being mean-hope they all have much jolly fun (and, hopefully, with Jenny and 'mystery man' nothing more than jolly fun!) hehehehe
anyway must go as time is ticking.
keep up with the input and the comments-they're greatly appreciated!

Love me
I hate to think about what will happen in the limo or is ark boy taking anna in a different form of transport-an ark perhaps?! (I tried to resist!)

as i did with 'who are you going to the ball with Alex?!)