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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I'm very exicited about Saturday, it being my birthday and all!!! This week is going sooo slowly, smoothly though, suprisingly!!! It's all down to my list (obviously), they're a great invention!
School's hard at the mo. So much to do. Alice and Emily are annoying me in drama, I feel like the third person-but I'm not complaining (really). I've got to write yet another essay in history and write a story for English. I've also got to do psyc. homework tonight.
Anyway, as I said, I'm not complaining.
I am, yet again, getting the feeling that my dad's having an affair. He's on the phone to her all the time now and I'm sure mum doesn't know. He's also being all fatherly and watching Aladdin with us and laughing and joking about. He also keeps stroking Cat, who keeps finding his way into our kitchen (it's almost like he's pregnant-obviously he can't be so next option is affair!)

Enough of that.
I had to try and get 15 4 year olds to make sheep yesterday (about as hard as trying to stop my dad ringing Jacqui-enough). It was very tiring and...demoralising (or something intelligent like that). Basically it was hard work. Only about three of them understood what to do!

Mmmm, I should try and tidy my room now (notice I'm using the word try). It is a very complicated task-almost as hard as getting 4 year olds to create sheep.
Oh, I have a funny story (well, funny for me. Infact it probably isn't funny! But never mind) On Tuesday when I was showing people round school I was asked by someone (who had a Russian accent-no I'm not being racist...again.) where the toilets were. I was about to show him when I realised that he probably wouldn't want to use the girls toilets! I then had a panic and realised (much realising going on) that I didn't know where the boys toilets were!!! Thankfully a teacher told them without me ending up looking like a fool! Tres embarrasing if you ask me!
Anyway, that's enough of my life for today. I'll probably write again on Sunday, after the excitement of my birthday (cos it is exciting!)

The sky is red so it should be sunny tomorrow-you know what they say about sheperds and all that (or is that just me?!)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

A list

I've just been to Lynne's and we had a bit of a culinary disaster! Although I'm sure blue cookies only sound disgusting because of the whole blue thing. I just think they're a bit too blue. I'm sure it's a psychological (note: I can spell psychological) thing!
Anyway, I am reading Bridget Jones's Diary, still. I'm only on April but, you know, I am taking it all in!
Oh, I need to make a list (please excuse the list):
Monday-swing band, go to Alice's, find out her address.
Tuesday-Go to Jenny's with (smart) clothes, show parents round (being polite and helpful-should work on that), find out what time need to come home.
Wednesday-Check that I have told Emma that I can't go to her party and make an excuse of why I couldn't tell her my friends were coming round before, trying not to make it sound like I invited them round so that I had an excuse (mmm)
Thursday-RELAX (tres important), check cinema times, buy nibbles!
Friday-check have bought nibbles, double check cinema time, make sure mother has made birthday cake, friends coming 7:30.
Saturday-MY BIRTHDAY, organise family, friends coming at 3pm, open presants!
Sunday-get over shock of being 17.
Well that's my week planned and I have to go to school in between! What a hard life I lead!
Oh, Cat brought us a presant the other day, a mouse. I think he was trying to get us to let him in. No such luck there. I think he should think about these presants before he gives them to us!
I got my driving license the other day so from saturday I am free to roam the roads! Well, almost free. I have to be with a fully qualified adult who's over 21 (my mother) and at the moment I have been told I am only allowed to drive around B&Q car park on a sunday. That's responsibilities for you!
I think I should go and watch Monarch of the Glen as many people will be talking about it tomorrow and I will want to know what they're going on about!
Oh, talking about people at school, I found out today that they have been conducting an experiment on me (without me knowing) for Eng. Lang. That's friend's for you!

Blue is the new brown-in cookie terms!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2004


I'm sure Colin is a good name for the father of Bridget Jones.
AAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh. I think I have a headache. It's the thought of having to do homework. I have soooooo much to think about at the mo that I really don't want to have to start a drama presentation this weekend. I don't actually have to but the people I'm working with (not mentioning any names) have already started a part of it and as we're working together I feel that I should start finding out some info too. I also have to learn many lines and I have history to do. Great. Someone told me yesterday that...I shouldn't really say, incase someone like my mother finds brother smokes cannabis. Interesting, I thought. Obviously I told this person that he doesn't but then this person started to get really patronising and he was only in year 10. Am I being paranoid?!
I have an interveiw on Thursday but I'm not worried or anything like that. Maybe I will be by Thursday.
I keep thinking about yesterday. Why, I don't know but it was a dreadful day. I know there are much worse things that could happen than a bad day at school but still! Maybe I'm hormonal. But I'm not!
I want something exciting to happen. It's my birthday soon so maybe (hopefully) that will bring excitement!
I'm also, hopefully, going to send off for an enrolment form for this half day, circus, taster session. It's only £25 and should be quite fun. I'm not giving up on the old vic or anything but I like the circus!
Anyway, I don't think there is much excitment going on at present.
Oh, it's 9/11 today. Oh dear, boo hoo, the shame. I'm not being...arrogant?...or anything but the seige that happen in the school in Russia will probably not be mentioned again and personally I think that it was just as tragic as 9/11 but (obviously) America would not be America without going over the top. I mean, I know it was sad and all that but it happened three years ago they should just leave it now and let the families get over it.
Anyway. I think that's enough of my ramblings for today. I've just worked out that I can only write funny things after I have been in contact with Ondrej (that makes him sound a lot like an alien!).
Anyway. It seems as though hurricane Ivon has hit England (Bristol infact). The rain is raining and the wind's all very dark. Strange weather. It'll be sunny again when we return to school.
Well, my father has returned from his little outing (I'm not sure where he went) so I'd better be off!

Mmmm...donkeys are like onions. They have many layers.
A bit like my hair actually!

Saturday, September 04, 2004


I haven't written anything on here for about a week! Although, not a lot has happened this week so you haven't missed much!
I went to school and didn't do very much and, so, Iam now decided that Sixth Form could end up being slightly boring! I seem to be in the same classes as the same people and so end up having free time with the same people (slightly tedious, but that's life).
On a more enjoyable note, I went to LA flower show this afternoon (to get away from drama and book reading). That was also quite boring but I was only there for an hour and I walked there so I may have gone slightly browner as the sun was shining!
So yeh, I did much drama and read a little but not much (not even a chapter but I do have the rest of the evening).
Yesterday, the cat from next door was sitting outside our door (like it does regulary) and me and mum had been stroking it etc. and it decided (after we had gone inside) that it wanted to go on an adventure, into our house! It came right in and went for a look around without us even noticing until it came into the front room! My dad then shooded it outside again (very...comical!)
Anyway, so that was that story! There are balloons up outside at the mo and low flying helicopters. Probably because of the kite festival in Ashton Court! They have an inflatable pub up there as far as I know and many other inflatable things and, obviously, kites!
Any how, I can't really be bothered to write much today as nothing too interessting has happened. Oh, except on Thursday, mum went to a first aid training day, with Ondrej (and some other people). They were taught by a man whose name was Alan and who (suprisingly) knew a little bit about first aid! Unfortunatly, he had been in a car accident so his son had to show them what to do and unfortunatly his son smoked, all the time! There family isn't really the kind of family I'd get to teach me a little bit about first aid! I think all my mother has learnt from these courses is to say 'Hello, my name is Alan and I know a little bit about first aid'. If someone came to me and told me that I think I'd be just as scared as if they came up and said they knew nothing about first aid. However, I would be more scared if they came up and told me their name was Colin. Crap name, crap at first aid. Actually, I don't think I could keep a straight face!!!
Mmmm... Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin!!! (hehehehehehe) That's got that out of my system.

You can only make an omlette if you break the eggs.
You must break the eggs to make an omlette.
Omlettes are made from the breaking of eggs. Or something like that!!!