Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Have just bin reading a book about Kings and Queens of England and found that there was a King Dafydd of Wales!!!was very much amused. Well that was my intellectual comment for the day. I have done my English essay, brain is in overdrive and cannot cope with the stacks of knowledge!!!
Nothing much has happened, and unfortunately i have nothing funny to tell so this blog will once again be tres boring.
ooo i may be in a pantomime, i have to wait til tuesday to find out. have i told u this before?sorry if i have but i cant remember as it has been a while. Anyway, i am hoping for the part of the all singing all dancing tree. Unfortunately i dont think i will get it because being vertically challenged at only about 5"2 and a half approx. i may be a bit short for a tree. However, i guess they could cast me as the all singing all dancing bush or possibly a bondai tree. oooo that would be interesting and multi cultural!!! what a great idea if i do say so myself. i feel as though ive gone back into allotment mode with all this talk of plant life oh well where would we be without the allotment 'up the creek without a spade' i say!!!
well thats enough excitement for today. Must go and tidy room in preparation for a VERY EXCITING halloween party complete with pretend cobwebs, spiders, scary films and other spooky things moohahaha!!!
Must love you and leave you!!!
See you shortly (hahaha shortly do u get it?!)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Yup wine. Oh dear. Too much wine can not be good for you. Although it can provide a lot of entertainment and will be talked about for days afterwards!!!
Mmmm should do my mountains of homework but really don't want to!Instead am listening to Queen, which is very cool!!! (singing) 'Don't Stop Me Now...etc!'
Well must go as casualty awaits.
c u soon!!!
muchly love...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Eugh parents evening, just an excuse for parents to chat to other parents who they probs wouldnt see otherwise!!!My mother was a very good example of this and seemed to know everyone there!!!mmmm...that was my last ever parents evening, feel quite sad actually, like (get this) an end of an era of parent evenings (very poetical)!
Anyway, not much to say (as always) life tres dull (as always). oooo had to deliver leaflets in the rain. Torrential rain infact. Got absolutely soaked, even my socks got wet!!!was almost attacked by killer dog on my leaflet delivering outing however killer dog could not reach me as it was inside a house and i was on the outside although killer dog almost broke the door down.Was very scary!!!
Anyway guna go
love ya muchly

Monday, October 10, 2005

aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh having personnal statement issues!!! It is much shorter than it should be. Feel like have not achieved a lot!!! Have resorted to listening to Oasis which i now generally do in states of frustration!! Unfortunately i cannot run around the house in a mad frenzy as all the family are in and will think im strange but suppose they think that already!!! My dad has just taken 100 boxes off my shelf to find a mobile phone box.Oh dear. Never mind, strange day in general. Didnt do a lot today, will maybe do more tomoz!!! Ooooo Oasis, love dem muchly. Very much cheered me up!!!ummmm, so wot was i saying...havent got a lot to write, ouch da phone just rung v v v loudly and scared me to death!!!
Um so yeh, not a lot to say really. O i joined MI5!!! have had many spying missions-very exciting. Have even seen the MI5 building!!!
Well must go as am playing eye spy-oooo spying missions put to good use!!!
will c u soon