Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Friday, December 30, 2005

Rite. Have started to calm down. I cannot handle scary outbursts of anger, i now just feel sad. It spoiled the cracker i was having for lunch. must just brethe and forget about it.
silly text messages, part of me wishes i hadn't read it but that is selfish.Why am i selfish i should feel happy that jen can drive but i suppose i am jealous and still kicking myself for the stupid mistakes in my test mmmmm....must calm down.
okay well im guna go now and revise to take my mind of it...want no more reminders...i hate driving.

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh bluh bluh eeerrrrrhhhhhh
feeling angry, pissed off and useless.......
i apologise for this outburst.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


ooooooo i have another joke for you! This one made me laugh even more than the last one...probs because the last one was really not at all funny~!!!
Right here goes...
Why are noses not 12 inches long?.......
Because they would be a foot!!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! It did make me chuckle.
mmmmm....ok enough of the laughing now. I must learn to be more serious and normal.
..................well one can only try.
My mother has just got in from across the road...I think shes talking about gardening or something, probs gardening. Ooooo I have a gardening dad almost killed my brother this morning because he had taken my dads spade to ashton court to dig a hole (which i believe is probably illegal but thats not the story) and he could not be bothered to bring it home so he had 'stashed'(spellings?) it somewhere for future use. Unfortunately my father wanted to go to the infamous allotment today and so found out that the spade had gone. Which, for my brother, was quite unlucky. (he is unlucky enough to have a father who wants to go to the allotment on possibly the coldest day of the year)
so thats the story. I have another story about my mother and her new christmas telescope. But thats not really very funny and is in fact verging on the edge of being boring so I wont go into it!!!!!!
So anyway thats my life at the mo...apart from being incredibly dull i believe its not tooooo bad, as my family are providing all the entertainment i need.
oooo my bros just got home. he has not seen my father since the spade incident so i may have to go and witness the fireworks...evening entertainment at its highest~!!!
must leave you and love you..

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

aaahhhh should really not be on here and should be writing an essay!!! but never mind, i am tres bored and need to do something to keep me sane...even if it is talking to myself!!!I am home I am always and am listening to Mr Blunt on my NEW radio, which is lush!!!
Christmas was cool. We had a policeman round here the other day asking about Calum (it would be about something from the Ondrej house!)
OOooooo just heard about the snow ON THE RADIO (the snow is not actually on the radio, the people on the radio are just talking about it!) why can't we get any snow? Its not even that cold! I've been mooching around my house in a t-shirt!!!How very silly!!!
I feel a need to go out somewhere. I haven't been out anywhere since last wednesday! I suppose I have been to the pub but that was quite boring although I did learn that, without my knowing, I met someone whos surname is Smythe hahahahahahaha!!!!It did make me laugh...alot!hahahahahahahahahahaha(see!)
Anyway I will be off now and will go and attempt an essay. I could wait til this is this afternoon. Thats sad!
lalalalala...i am now must do essay must do essay.
oooo i have a joke...(its a religious joke)
Jesus was hanging on the cross (as you do)
and he saw Peter in the distance so he shouted 'PETER PETER come up here a minute'
so peter walked up the hill a bit and said 'yes Lord whats up?'
and Jesus said 'no Peter come a bit closer'
so Peter walked up and over the hill and said 'yes Lord, what have you got to say?'
and Jesus said 'Peter come a bit closer, right up to me'
so Peter walked up to the bottom of the cross and said 'Yes Lord what is it?'
and Jesus said 'climb up the cross so you are right next to me'
so Peter climed up the cross so his face was level with Jesus and he said 'Yes Lord whats the matter?'
and Jesus said ' can see my house from here!'
hahahahahahahaha...haha..ha mmmmmm ok so is not great but it wasted two mins!!!
well i will leave you now
o and happy new year for nxt week!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

mmmm mean girls hey?! i dont think im that obsessed have only watched it several times!I wudnt want to be lindsey lohan anyway, however would be 'grool' to have a gay friend like she does! (note i am using the word 'grool' in normal conversational terms)
I have just been to asda to find 'grool' (see there it is again-seems to get everywhere!) ummm...where was i ah yes...curling things for tomorrow. unfortunately they only had curling tongs-not what i want, i want those bendy things that heat up you can get them in argos mmmm dont really fancy a trek to argos-it would not b 'grool'!!!
well im off now to discuss holidays. I'm startin to get annoyed with holidays (not so 'grool').
Well i shall see you (and love ya) soon
oooo guess what...i used the word 'grool' five times in that ( even!!!)