Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Thursday, May 20, 2010

last day of being at i have been on campus buying nail varnish, waxing strips, face pack...and a fun filled day of activities commenced!!
we did davina, had a picnic, did feet washing/scrubing/varnishing, facepacking, sunbathing, waxing, tv watching, dress wearing!! i have also vacuumed, dusted and packed quite a lot of things! and we are going out tonight!
what is scary though is that i am now 100% unemployed :( but never mind, atm i am having fun!
there is no more i can do to my degree to make it any better, but all so far seems fairly alright! my exam went quite well...she says, but will just have to wait a few weeks to find out!
hopefully in that time i may have found a job and will be caught up in various life events!
next event of today is to straighten hair...yay!! i love this pampering thing, well today i do, the feeling of knowing that i dont have to do anything is amazing!but im glad that i have had a busy day, i do get bored really really easily..hhhmm well must get on with life, things to be doing people to be talking to, hair to be organised!!
as y0u can tell, today i am in a happy mood and i like it, very much! xxx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it has almost been a month since I last wrote on essay written, revision steadily underway. a lot of things have happened this past month...mainly the 'ash-cloud'. A volcano erupted which meant for 6 days i was wishing and waiting for planes to begin flying again and thankfully by some unknown miracle we still managed to get on holiday with only one day missed.
Cyprus was amazing, maybe a bit awkward to start with, but this very soon wore off and i believe we both had a really great time. Nothing is certain, and i really get that and i know that things can change in a second, but at the moment (without tempting fate) everything is not so bad. we talked a lot (i talked a bit), there is only so much i can say because what i feel and what i want appear to be the most simple things, but not everyone can be like that, it's not always so black and white.
and im going home again in about 10 days time, which is great. and i will try my absolute best to not be so intense etc, and learn to go with the flow a bit more, which i hope i have been managing to do now.
but enough about that. there are other things in life at the mo....i have been job searching. have only applied for 3 so far but thursday will be another job searching day for seemed to go quite well last week!
i need to find a large envelope...i need to iron...i need to make packing stuff for home lists, ummm (yes this is a to-do list..what i am best at)!
i was doing the davina dvd yesterday...hilarious is certainly a word for it...the aim now is to 'get a six pack'...bloody painful, no wonder people are obese, exercise is a bit of a chore!

well stuff to be done, should probs tidy up remnants of revision so that everything is prepared for another day of it tomorrow! i was learning about Obama today...not all bad!