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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yoga with Carol

I'm home alone, again. It is not good, I am bored and should really be doing homework as I have only a few days left before school starts again and I have much homework to be doing! I have, however, got over half way through Bridget Jones the second (cos that's really important) and will soon be able to read a new book-love new books!
Anyway, don't think I have much to tell. I have been running quite a lot and do intend to go later (without mum as she has been to an aerobics class already today-I will explain later) today. I tend to run in Ashton Court, where no-one will spot me! Anyway, so my mother went to an aerobics class this morning, with Jacqui (suprise, suprise (at least it kept my dad of the phone)). I think they know the person who was doing it. They went to the over 50's class (many grannys there) because they didn't know there was an under 50's class (hehe). Anyway, while they were there, they asked the manager who would be taking the yoga class tonight, it was Carol. Carol is not very well liked amoung the yogary community, and so mum and Jacqui have decided not to go-along with about half of their yoga class!!! Last week they went to yoga and overheard someone asking Carol if she was taking the yoga class, Carol said yes and so mum and Jacqui ran off down the corridor (yoga mats under their arms), drove to Jacqui's house and hid until about 10pm!!! (you start to feel sorry for Carol (maybe she should take up a new career)).
So, yeh, my family has gone out. Matt's in Nailsea and the parents are out having lunch and I'm stuck inside doing homework (supposedly). Maybe I should have lunch soon. Mmmm. Firstly, I will do something constructive on the internet and then eat a very nutritious bread stick (or similar, if we don't have one of them!!!).
Must be heading off now, then. Cheerio!!!

A mouse is not a mouse unless it eats cheese!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mystic fish pie

Guess what...I've been running!! (shock horror, SHOCK HORROR!etc) I ran quite a long way. Mum came too and although she did have to teach me first aid before we went incase she had a heart attack, she ran very far too...even uphill (more shock horror!)
I went shopping today (aswell as running) and bought a dress for our winter ball. It's really nice and black and nice (I hate the word nice).
Oh exciting news...I've finished reading Bridget Jones and am now onto the second book and on March!
Anyway, back to shopping, I decided, whilst driving to shopping place, that when I'm older I want to either be in the police force or, better still, be a firefighter. That means I can do what I want at Uni and still get a job!!! Although, it may be useful if I do something English orientated as, as a backup, I want to work in journalism or for a TV company(Mmmm, contenplating).
More exciting news...I'm learning to drive and my first lesson is on Friday!!! I can't contain my excitement!!! (I need to get a life)
Yeh, so that's my life at the mo. Still nothing too great to tell.
I'm off to eat my tea now, I think my mother is making fish pie (whilst listening to Kate Bush? on the radio!) Eeugh. Sounds...not very nice (there's that word again).
See you soon...
Suprisingly no words of wisdom spring to mind...and I don't want to start sounding too much like Mystic Meg! (was she ever on tele?)

Friday, October 08, 2004

Oh dear are door has been shot at, with a gun. No, seriously!
Not last night but the night before we were all lying in bed and heard a noise which dad thought was Matt shooting his clock (or something) so we thought nothing of it, then yesterday morning mum found this hole in our door and an airgun rifle pellet on the floor. She had to ring the police and get a number for the insurance people ('hello, someone's shot a hole through my door!') and now we need a new door!!!
Anyway, I had a funny story yesterday but I can't remember what it was!
I still haven't got a job and even though I've just had my birthday I'm running low on money so a job is essential. I do have a goldfish though, called Fin (notice the subtle pun!) and so, obviously, that makes it all better! Talking of puns, I went through a whole history lesson today listening to v. bad jokes, which was oddly humourous!
Oh, I just remembered a funny story. My mother has decided to run the Bristol half marathon next year but the other day when she decided to go for spontaneous jog, she couldn't even get off her chair!
Going back to school, I spent many hours today (yes, I do mean hours, I'm not exaggerating) playing card games. I did have 2 and a half hours to fill. I guess I could have done homework or something constructive but no. Although, I guess pontoon is quite constructive as it helps with maths and I guess card games in general are constructive if they're not like snap because if I ever go into a casino when I'm old enough (next year-scary!) I can bet on a card game and through all this practice I should now have a better chance of winning. A bit far fetched, I know, but I'm just trying to make myself an excuse for playing card games for (I repeat) 2 and a half hours! Maybe I should have done my history essay!!!
Moving on. Cat was back this afternoon when I got back from school, I fed Fin. I really feel as though I'm living life to the full here.
My mother's decided we should all go on holiday in half term to anywhere with a beach and where it's sunny!
Anyway. I can't be bothered to write much more as I have lots to do and this is what people call procrastinating.

To be a writer you have to read (learnt in English) xxx