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I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Hello! Long time no write!
It is no longer christmas, so I must resist singing and playing christmas songs!
Father Christmas came to visit a few days ago-very exciting-and he brought me many pressies! However, I did not leave him a mince pie or a carrot for the reindeer so it will be a miracle if he returns next year!
Cat has been in again. This is now his second home and whenever there is someone in the kitchen for more than 5 seconds he comes to the door and starts meowing! He even came in on chrimbo day-the cheek-and followed us from outside the kitchen door to outside the back room door and back again, hoping to be let in!
Anyway, I got many pressies and went to church on chrimbo eve-so did Matt (shock horror)!-You were given this order of service thing in church and written on it was exactly what was going to be said and it got to this part which talked about something beginning with 'c' and I thought it said crumpets-tres humourous-I was kinda hungry at the time but that was very silly!
New Years Eve is coming-yey! However, I could end up being fairly lonely as no-one I know (so far) is going to be there. I mean I have tried my very best to get people to go but they won't. Ok, so some do have very good excuses but others are just being boring!
Anyway, I'm still excited cos I have a day off work and it will be very funny. Someone's going who my mother believes to be lesbian and two people are going who don't know each other are going and haven't seen each other for years but all those years ago did not like each other!!! Jacqui's going, obviously, and (suprise, suprise) so is my father. Hmmmmm. She bought him a christmas present-her excuse-he gets the milk for playgroup every week (whatever).
Moving on, I went to Redwood Lodge today and did a bit of running and then some weights etc-which, I have to say, are V.V.V.V.V. hard to control.
I have to go now really otherwise I will be on the computer for hours and I will start writing a load of crap (not that haven't already been doing that) and my eyes will go square and cos my relationship with FC (father chrimbo) isn't exactly brill after the slight lack of mince pies, carrots and anything alcholic, I don't believe he would be able to get me any new eyes for next chrimbo!
I may go and do something constructive like revision or write an essay or revision but I don't tihnk my brain can take it mmmmmmm...may just go and watch a VDD mmmmmmmm...but then I'm back to the square eye thing again. Never mind. I'll go and think of something!!!

Have a good new year, even if you're not spending it with your lonely friends-(no i'm not being bitter)-See you next year!!! hehehehe!