Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Monday, November 26, 2007

sat thinking. should be reading but thinking i believe to be just as constructive. listening to KT Tunstell. talking to lynnette. discussing how we are never to be apart. it is rather deep and meaningful i must say. now we are discussing sex...oh dear. i think we may have finally hit that stage of life where sex becomes normal conversation-along with men and vibrators. part of me thinks im getting a tad obsessed. it appears to be all i talk about. this cannot be good for anything; except of course my libido i suppose-im just making sure i remember i have one.
eugh i need to do reading but lynne is far more entertaining. i also want to watch sex and the city. hhmm right am off xxxx

Sunday, November 25, 2007

oooer i have just had an in depth conversation with my mother about men. it has suddenly occured to her that i am currently without such a thing and maybe i should find myself one. however, she then also came to the conclusion that it is useless for me to have a man as i don't seem to spend much time in one place atm before i move on to 'pastures new' so it will be easier for me just to have friends...however people still have needs (in a sense), which i guess is where the 'commodity' comes into play. is a vibrator much like having a bf but with out the social attachment? will i get bored because it wont have feelings for me etc etc...i even read yesterday that someone got burnt by the battery acid from theirs...this did put me off the idea slightly. but i am always one to try new things. anyway back to my mother...she ended by saying that i should just have friends and that lynne was all i needed-in some senses there i beg to differ-and this was her idea of a deep conversation. i then had to help her do my brother's homework.
eugh my room is a tip-i think i need to watch some of Fight Club and make notes for my essay, but as you can see i am procrastinating.
i've turned into a desperatly shallow singleton-am sensing a Bridget Jonesness about my person and i dont even have a Mr Darcy to rectify this position in any way. i am once again in need of a man-is this to be the story of life? i feel i have returned to the days when i wrote about Eros wondering what exciting things may happen my way, however i unfortunatly now know what i'm missing and this it seems is a whole lot worse.
well, after that slight bit of sidestepping from the point...i feel i can now go and watch Fight Club with all its manly aromas and write about feminism-slightly too ironic i think.

when the male race dies out, female friends will always be there to love you and the commodity will be there for the things they just really can't do

Saturday, November 24, 2007

ooo well this is exciting. haven't been in such an extreme state of wanting to kill myself for ages!!
i am bored-no suprise. even facebook is not keeping me entertained:-(
i should be doing some reading or even preparing to write my third (and final) essay of the semester but im not.
there is not a lot of interesting things to say. my bedroom leaked last night-it was raining inside-so now my bed is in the middle of my floor-great. events:
cruise ship sinking in antartica-serves the British right for being there in the first place
australians have voted labour-always an interesting choice
ummm can't really remember much else...oo amy winehouse is actually getting through her concerts now (love her)
so yeh thrilling things going on in the world. and im stuck here bored. getting excited bout america tho. actully can't wait to escape the country and the stresses of being here. currently have the feeling of not belonging-not at uni, not at home-people make it so awkward. i want to get out of uni i hate being here but i dont know if home is actually any better. everything is still too weird.
i might watch a dvd or some sex and the city-a dvd is probs more constructive as I can then write about it in my essay but then i should read stuff first so am able to compare-eugh life is hard.
mabe i could read some stuff about pragmatism for friday-or maybe not considering my current mental state of believing death is better than being here.
hhmm this is such a depressing post, i think something exciting needs to happen. oh well am off out tonight hopefully aim to drink quite a bit and have a lovely time so all should be fine by then. so maybe i should do some work as probs wont be in any amazingly great state to do anything tomoro.
ciao xxxx