Still believe Me...?

I once received the best news...I hadn't lost my left ear afterall

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Lynne-this is for you

I just read your comment and I don't understand your comment so I would like you to write another comment to explain your comment. Mmm... I think I have confused myself.
Who are you angry at-I don't get it.  When you read this maybe you could explain furthur (even if you are no longer angry.)
Think of nice things like bunny rabbits and chocolate oh, and McFly. Try and channel your energy.
I know you won't read this for ages so I'll have to ponder over it myself.
I'll leave you with another question 'If there weren't any people to watch it would the tide still go in and out?' - soooo philosophical.
Love your ever confused friend.


Hello again.
I have just been on holiday. It was alright. We lay on the beaches a lot (when it didn't rain). On Sunday mum had a brainwave and decided that we should all go birdwatching. I wouldn't of minded so much if it hadn't been raining and windy. I mean, if I had wanted to see some birds I could have just looked out of the window in the dry. But, I guess, we had to do the whole 'family bonding' thing. Surely there must have been something more fun to do?
Oh well, it's over now but it was a very traumatic experience!
Mmmm...I still haven't learnt all my lines for this audition. I have to do it next friday. Never mind. I still have about a week but I also have to prepare it (may be taking an onion with me(it's a crying scene!)) someone has offered me there performing sevices to help me prepare but this was Ondrej.
Although I've been on holiday, I don't seem to have much to write. I could talk about the weather but I've done too much of that already. Maybe I should go and learn my lines or read all the zillions of books I have to read before I go back to school. I could go and be sociable with my family but I feel I've done enough of that already.
Oh well, the fun might start tomorrow!  

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Been a good day. Weather has been a bit odd yet again today, Global warming is definatly out of control and nothing can be done about it. (oh dear, I'm going on a ramble. No, not a walking holiday with wellies and a stick but a ramble about the weather. Actually, I'm not so sure which is better?!)
I still have nothing too great to tell. I am going to 'the festival' tomorrow which should be fun, if it doesn't rain. But who really cares if it rains? Festival weather-it's predictable.
My mum has started being secret policewomen of our road. She is keeping very close watch on everyone who happens to go past (especially across the road). I would not be suprised if I happened across a police uniform in the washing machine! She believes that there is a bit of drug dealing going on in the caravan across the road (to be honest there is a pretty good chance that she is right!). However, this is the house of Ondrej, (tennis champion and fishing extrodinaire!-not) and I'm sure if he found out about this there would be many bananas thrown and windows broken!
Anyway, I shouldn't be talking about other peoples buisiness!
La-di-la! My brother road his bike to Nailsea today (crazy boy). God knows why. I'll give you the lowdown. It is raining, it is cold, he didn't have to wait very long for a lift there and he could have spent an hour or so with me and Holly! (mmm...I see his point).
Aaaarrrgghhhh, I am slightly scared about my audition (having never had one before). Why do I put myself through this? It always seems so good at the time!
I have to 'break down into incoherant tears' what in the world does that mean, I don't even know if that's how you spell it! Oh well, I can't change my spontanious decision of wanting an audition!
Well, I'm going to go to bed now, and read my ever so thrilling book.
I'll leave you with a question: 'why are bananas yellow?'
No, I don't know either!

Friday, July 16, 2004

yooooo hooooo

hey people
im on jess's website i am really cool.
my name is holly and i am so boring i have nothing to say.
apart from how great jess's website is :D
thankyou and goodbye
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Analysis Of Shreck 2

Hopelessly trying to return to normality after being with Lynne for many hours!
Wow, I haven't written for ages...I think I have lost my rhythm!i.e not knowing what to write!
It has been a long day. I went to the cinema, very much fun. Shreck is very cool although I think they should stay being human at the end as living as an ogre can not be all that good and probably isn't all that happy and they are meant to be living happily ever after. I guess they want the moral of the story to be 'no matter how ugly you are, you still have a chance of finding true love', however it comes across as 'people like you more if you're pretty so if you want to marry an ogre be prepared for people not liking you'?!
What is strange about the film though, is that at the end of Shreck 1 they were all ready to live happily ever after and they went off on their honeymoon with everyone liking them. Yet, when they return home, in Shreck 2 everyone, seems to have forgotten this and they don't like them anymore. Oh well, not all of us can be as intelligent as me!
Mmmm...what to write about now? The book I'm reading? It's very...graphic! I'm sure people, like myself, should not be exposed to this kind behaviour!
It's supposed to be about world war 1 but I haven't read anything about the war so far. I think the English department should read these books before telling us to read them! I am, of course, reading it for English. I would not read books like this because I feel like it although it can be quite amusing!
Well, tomorrow is my clarinet lesson, hopefully. It was cancelled last week, without me knowing! So it had better be on tomorrow otherwise I will...not be happy!
Anyway, I'm going to watch Eastenders now and then print out some more pictures of Paris for my picture board.
I'll write again, probably. Not sure when though!

Hello There!!

This is one of your friends here, wonder if you can guess which one?! i am going to the cinema with you today, and my name is not Jenny. Well, done it's Lynne!! Hee..Hee.. I'm going to go and do something intelligent now, not sure what yet, maybe solve world hunger or something!!

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Global Madness

Raining again! Did you see the hail stones this morning (it was quite early so I'll forgive you if you didn't!)? What is it with the weather, has mother nature gone completely mad? I'm guessing it's all down to that disastrous thing called Global Warming! It has been the coldest July for 50 years! And if you compare it to last years...Well, we must now be living in the Antarctic!
I got my photographs of Paris back from the chemist and they are very good, I think. Everyone I have shown so far has liked them!
I have also organised my trip to the cinema, with Lynne and Jenny (see, I can be organised) and we will be seeing Shreck 2. So this is good, however it still leaves me with many weeks of not doing much as this cinema trip will only last a few hours.
Hopefully people will be camping in my garden at the weekend, if the rain holds off otherwise, I've told them, we will be sleeping in the garage (I'm sure my parents will be pleased!)It should be a fun weekend if everyone can make it here maybe I will have to invite extra people incase some people can't come! I will try and make it a bit like Glastonbury, apart from the toilets, and the mud, and the scary people. Ok, so it won't be much like Glastonbury! Never mind!
Lalala... I'm not really sure what to write! I would tell you about my amazing next door neighbours but we don't have any at the mo. Or I could tell you about my friends...not much to tell there then (I'm so mean). Ummm, my secret love don't have any of them either! Oh well.
I'll have to stop writing for today then. Maybe I could go and invent something like... a nose warmer as my nose is very cold, probably because the window's open! Oh dear, I can be blonde sometimes!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Me, complain? Never!

I am very bored (yet again)! I am also confused. Mainly about a trip to the cinema and aboout my clarinet lesson (which I won't go into!) I don't know when I'm going to the cinema or who I'm going with or what I'm going to see. I want to see Shreck but everyone has seen that now but I am still going to go and see it anyway!
I, also, now have a million weeks to amuse myself until we go back to school in September. I could get a job but I don't know where. I also have an audition to prepare for but I kinda don't want to as I'm too scared to do it. I tried reading it aloud to myself yesterday and I even scared myself! I have to read a zillion books over the holidays too so that will also waste some time. Hopefully I will have finished at least one by the time I get back from the Isle Of White but you can't be too ambishious can you! But I am not and I repeat NOT going to spend the whole of my holiday reading books but what else can I do? I am finding that many of my friends are getting, or have got jobs, or are going on holiday. I think I'm feeling a bit left out (jealous perhaps?). I dunno. Life is a bit perculiar at the mo.
My family has finally lost the plot. My father is running round the house squealing like a girl and my mother is having a childish tantrum about the chair she wants to sit on; 'I'm there' she complained, (so thats where I get my selfishness from!)
It's not that I want to sound moany and unreasonable, it's all true. I do love my family (most of the time) but sometimes I wish I was out of the house (especially on friday nights) having a laugh. It does happen occasionly but it is very rare! In saying that, I did go out last friday night. I went sailing down the Seine! (hehe, it sounds sooo posh) Well it wasn't really sailing more kind of boating in a large boat with millions of people but suprisingly not too many Japanese tourists (not that I'm complaining about them to much but if I had wanted too meet some Japanese tourists I would have gone to Japan! As I told Lynne, 'that is where most of them like to hang out!') Oh well, I only went out then as I was on holidaybut these little outings are not regular occurances. Maybe I could get a hobby. Stamp collecting? No. Not even I would stoop that low. I could try doing some exercise but it rains too much in this country to even imagine going outside and anyway my parents would think of it as some sort of joke. When I told my mother my shoulder hurt the other day she told me it was because of my lack of exercise and I should try and move a bit further than up to my bed and too the fridge. That's parenting for you!
Anyway, I think i have written way too much and I have probably written things that are classed as racist and parentist and I have also complained about my friends! Oh dear. I am now going to go and do something energetic...does turning the television on count? No, seriously...there's not much room to exercise in my bedroom, however I'm sure stepping over all the stuff that's on the floor must count for something!
Well, I'll write soon, with, hopefully no more nasty comments!

Monday, July 05, 2004

Time to grow up

What a day. I went to school and learnt that I should probably keep my comments to myself rather than post them on the internet. I should learn to 'hold my tongue' (not literally). I think I like being back at school it's more fun than daytime TV, there is only so much of 'Richard and Judy' a person can handle!
I went to the dentist (I'm sure you're extatic for me!) and changed the colour of my brace to blue and blue! Unfortunatly I had to go to school afterwards to go to English Lit. I learnt from someone that there will be eight people in our drama class this year (that's quite a lot) this is good as the people I knew who were going to be in it I don't think I could stand being around for too long so I hope the new people are nice! Don't want to write much more as I want to do something else (don't know exactly what yet, but I sure it will be fun!)
I'll write soon!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Watching the world go by

Feeling lonely and needed to write something. I have no one around to talk to now after last week and it's really weird. Actually feeling happy about going to school tomoz as I will see my friends again! I am watching the football at the mo, is anyone else? Maybe I should learn something intelligent to do (too much like hard work tho) I could read a book I suppose! (bit of advice: never read whilst eating, unless you want a mouthful of...Harry Potter? a lot of people read that dont they?) I may visit some people next week, when I have nothing to do (which is quite likely) and I'll have to go out somewhere if I have enough money. This is called planning ahead (I'll never go through with any of it but it makes me feel better).
My life isn't lways this dull if that's what you think, I can be interessting, if I try, (wearing a box on your head is interessing, isn't it)!